Mount Union College Engagement Photos Mount Union College is a beautiful campus located in a small Ohio town called Alliance, about 70 miles south of Cleveland, and 80 miles west of Pittsburgh.  It’s one of the smaller colleges in Ohio, with a campus enrollment of just over 2,100 students.  There are some High Schools in […]

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They say that the first baby comes anytime, it’s the second one that takes nine months.  And I couldn’t agree more.  This sweet babe and I are already 24 weeks along (today actually!), and we’re feeling GREAT!  Everyone asks me how I’m feeling – probably because that’s an easy segway into baby talk.  Since about […]

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Engagement Photos Canton Ohio It was September 2014 when I walked into a school unsure what to expect from an interview at a charter school in Canton City.  I answered various questions about my teaching philosophy from several people that would eventually become colleagues.  Little did I know that afternoon, one of the people who […]

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OARDC Summer Engagement Photos Can you imagine having a serious crush on your football coach’s daughter?  The pressure you would feel knowing how brutal the practices would be if you ever made that daughter cry?  I can only imagine what thoughts were going through Trevor’s head when sweet Maggie caught his eye.  It’s probably those […]

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Meet Loren

Loren is a wife, furmom to two huskies and a Rottweiler, and a photographer who captures the beautiful love stories of her couples. The girl who always has a sweet tea within reach, Loren loves knowing that years from now, her Brides will be sitting at the dinner table flipping through a wedding album with her Granddaughter.

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