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November 22, 2019

2019 Black Friday

2019 Black Friday Specials

Akron Ohio Wedding Photographer

Do you struggle with printing your photographs? Struggle with the decision of what to print, where to print, and stress about the quality of the art you are going to receive? Well, I’m here to tell you, you’re not alone in those struggles.

When I started off the year 11 months ago, I knew that I wanted to shift my business in a slightly different direction. I wanted to make sure that every couple I photographed and every family that smiled in front of my camera would end their experience with me with some form of art.

Your memories deserve to have a place in your HOME. Those memories deserve to go from a digital photograph to a printed photograph. Your children deserve to have tangible art they can hold in their hands.

That’s why, this Black Friday, my focus is making sure past clients get their digital photos off of those online galleries and printed. Whether the photographs are gift sized prints, canvases hanging in your home, or an heirloom album that your children will one day argue about who receives that album. A treasure to be passed down. To be shared, admired, and cared for.

Starting TODAY until Monday, December 2nd, you can take advantage of my biggest sales EVER on artwork. Gift prints, heirloom, and parent albums, canvas collections, they’re are all deeply discounted. There is even a special on sessions – both mini sessions and full one-hour sessions!

Black Friday Details

As I already mentioned, there is something for everyone this year! The main purpose of the specials this year is to take your digital photographs and print them!! Give your memories LIFE! Fill your home with your memories!

Certain artwork has limited quantities. Once that quantity has been purchased, the sale for that art is over!

Gift Size Prints

All gift size prints (4×6, 5×7, 8×10) in your gallery are only $10! Head to your online gallery and order those gift size prints. For your home (living room, bedrooms, home office!), for your parents and grandparents, and don’t forget about your aunts and uncles! Gift size prints make for EASY Christmas gifts!

Can’t remember your gallery links, no worries, I “gotchu!” If we worked together in 2018 or prior – click here. If we worked together in 2019 – click here.
code: blackfriday
Unlimted quantities. Minimum order: $25.

Heirloom Wedding Albums

Loren Jackson Photography www.lorenjacksonphotography.com

Your wedding day is a beautiful story and what better way to tell that story than to put it in a book?! This Black Friday, albums are up to $400 off! This special is better than the one I offered at your consults when we first met!

Friend – it took me THREE YEARS to design my wedding album. I was a fool and didn’t order an heirloom album with my wedding photographer. I thought I because I had access to the same artwork, I would do it. Well, life got in the way. Right before Charlotte was born, my album arrived at my doorstep. Now, that sweet (and sassy!) girl of ours LOVES to flip through our album. To think I nearly missed out on those memories with her makes my heartbreak!

Heirloom albums include 40 photographs with the ability to add additional photos at the time of design.

Order your heirloom wedding album here! Once you place your order, we’ll go to work picking out your photos for the album and getting it designed!

Quantities available:
12×12 – 1
10×10 – 3

Parent Albums

Loren Jackson Photography

Parents love to show off their kids, so now is the time to either gift your sweet and supportive parents an album of the day, or PARENTS, you can order one yourself!

Parent albums are 8×8 linen covered and include 40 photographs with the ability to add additional photos at the time of design.

Order a parent album here! Once the album order is complete, we’ll go to work picking out your favorite photos and design it!

Quantity available:

Canvas Groupings

Two of my most popular canvas groupings are on sale for Black Friday this year!

The 16×24 collection is my most popular collection when it comes to canvases! It’s the collection that hangs in my front room above the dresser that was once my grandmother’s. It’s timeless. It’s elegant. And it’s a perfect way to highlight your beautiful photographs!

You can order your canvas collection here. I am only selling three of these collections! Once the order is placed, we will schedule a day to look through your photos together and pick out which three photographs to print.

The 16×24 canvases here complement the stunning 24×36 statement canvas in the middle so beautifully!

Only three of these collections are being sold this Black Friday! You can purchase your own canvas collection here! Once the order is placed, we will schedule a day to look through your photos together and pick out which three photographs to print.


Full Sessions

Now is the perfect time to pay for a session for 2020! Prices will never be this low again.

A full session is normally $600, but can be purchased for $400! You will also receive a $400 art credit to print your beautiful memories. Because, you know, I’m all about getting those digital photos out of your galleries and LIVING in your homes! You can purchase your session here. We will then connect and schedule your session for sometime in 2020!

Only three sessions will be available for purchase at this special!

Mini Sessions

There is also a killer deal for Mini Sessions! Not only do you get $25 off, but you get an additional five prints with your session. But wait! There’s more!! By pre-ordering your mini session, you get FIRST DIPS on choosing a time slot when dates are released!

Mini sessions will take place in the Spring (Late April/Early May) and in the Fall!

You can pre-order your mini session here! Only four mini sessions are being sold during Black Friday.

Full Engagement Sessions

Already booked LJ BRIDES! This one is for you!! The engagement session included with your wedding collection comes with a one hour, one outfit session within 15 miles of my address. If you would rather expand that to 60 miles and two outfits with two hours, here is your chance!

For only five Brides, I’m offering $100 off the upgrade engagement session fee! This means you will also have additional art credit to use at your order session!

Click here to purchase your upgrade before they’re all sold out!

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