December 5, 2018

Gifts for Bridesmaids

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Cute and Affordable Gifts for Bridesmaids

A couple weeks ago, I came across a website that its sole purpose was to make gift giving to a Bride’s bridal party so stinking easy!

The products on the site are vast, affordable, customizable, and just downright useful.  I’m not talking gifts that the bridesmaids unwrap, smile politely, then a week after the wedding toss in their Goodwill pile.

Whether your budget for gift giving is small or large, there’s something for every budget.  At a quick glance of the website, you’ll find that the majority of the items are under $30!  So go ahead, exhale at the thought this was going to break the bank thanking your favorite girls for standing beside you on the most important day of your life!

To be sure these products were as awesome as their pricetag counterparts, I ordered a Floral Tumbler.

gift ideas for bridal party customizable tumbler

The quality was great, and the presentation of the tumbler was adorable.  I picture my Brides with their girls sipping something fruity (adult version, of course) out of these the morning of the wedding while everyone is getting their hair and makeup professionally done.

Aside from the custom tumbler, my top favorite three gift ideas were:

  1. Caroline Leather Clutch
  2. Sweet as Spring Makeup Bag
  3. Dottie or Nice Tote

So go ahead, take a gander on Bridesmaids Gifts Boutique and spoil your girls!  I mean, I’ve been there, if you haven’t already, you’re inner bridezilla will make an appearance at least once during this new season of life!

Does your Groom need to find gifts just as awesome as these for his men?  I’ve got ya covered there, too!  Here’s a sister site to Bridesmaids Gifts Boutique that specializes in gifts for those guys who will undoubtedly hand one too many drinks to your Groom on your wedding day – Groovy Guy Gifts!

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