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September 2, 2014

My Turn to be a Bride | What I learned from my Wedding | Why We did a First Look | Personal

I’m not going to lie, when I first started shooting weddings, I saw a pin on pinterest about first looks and was completely skepital about them. Why on EARTH would I want my soon-to-be husband to see me before I walked down the aisle? Why would I want to take that excitement away from being a Bride? Doesn’t tradition tell us it’s bad luck to see your sponse before you’re married?

Well…it only took shooting ONE first look to convince me that I wouldn’t want to spend my wedding day any other way. After all ladies, why do we wait to see our Groom until we walk down the aisle? Because tradition tells us so. Years and years and YEARS ago, the Bride and Groom never made eye contact until after her veil was raised over her face. This was the time of pre-arranged marriages. Where parents would basically sell their daughter for a couple coins and a cow or two. It was a complete toss up whether or not you would actually be married to a person you could love for the rest of your life.

Call me modern, but this is one tradition I did NOT want to be apart of.

Besides, the excitement, the butterflies, the nervous giggles, they’re multiplied times 100 for a first look. And I promise you, those emotions do NOT go away before you walk down the aisle. And even if your Groom promises you he won’t cry on your wedding day, he still may. He may even shead tears three times that day!

So, for my first look….

I was able to walk down a GORGEOUS spiral staircase and see the love of life have his back turn towards me.


Yes, it’s true, I was more worried about falling DOWN the steps, so I had to concentrate more on my steps then my emotions, but let me tell you something, as soon as I was planted on that back deck, I had to tell myself NOT to run up to Josh and tackle him. I was getting ready to see my soon-to-be husband for the first time on our wedding day.


There was so much running through my head, that I don’t remember even breathing. I can’t even describe to you my excitement level.


I would stand on that back deck for the next 15 minutes being held and kissed by the man I would spend the rest of my life with. FIFTEEN MINUTES LADIES AND GENTLE!! Our first look lasted longer then our Ceremony. He would tell me how beautiful I looked, give me those ever so gentle forehead kisses I have fallen so in love with. He wouldn’t had been able to do that during our Ceremony. The most contact we could have had before our first kiss was holding hands!


We wouldn’t have been able to spend time like that the rest of the day! You’re wedding goes by in a blink of an eye. It’s absolutely unreal how fast it passes you by. Those were the only 15 minutes we had to ourself. Why not spend even more time with your spouse on your wedding day by deciding to go a more modern route? It’s not bad luck, you still have the same emotions, his voice will still be shaky when repeating his vows to you. The only difference is you’ll be able spend 3/4 of your wedding day with the love of your life, verses only a quarter of it!


Plus, your guests will appreciate a first look, as well. After the first look, if you planned your day right, you’ll be able to complete all the photos prior to your ceremony. Meaning, your guests stomachs wont be groaning while you’re taking photos. AND – the VERY best part in my book, you’ll actually have more then 20 minutes of photos with you and your husband for photos. After all, isn’t the wedding day all about you two? Don’t you want an endless amount of photos to put up in your home, or to share with your children, and their children someday? Aren’t photos all you have left after your wedding day?

I promise, you will NOT regret going the route of a first look. Give it a chance, you’ll be surpised how wonderful and precious this time is!

Next blog post about my wedding is something every Bride needs to pay particular attention to. This will make or break your wedding day. And should be completed with the help of your photographer. I’m talking about your wedding day timeline. An organized day makes for a stress-free Bride. Trust me. You won’t want to miss the next post!

Big thanks once again to Kaitlin Noel Photography for photos, Bouquet Stuios for flowers, and The Grand Barn for building a venue so beautiful that it was the icing on the cake!

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