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August 21, 2014

My Turn to be the Bride | What I learned from my Wedding | Attire for Bridal Party | Personal

I’ve been shooting weddings for a couple years now, every one making mental notes of ways to make my wedding someday an amazing one. Well anyone who knows me personally, knows that my husband made me wait for our wedding. Looking back on it, I’m thankful he did, because if we would have gotten married when I wanted to, financially we would not have been able to have the weddig we had. Amazing how things work!

My wedding was EVERYTHING that I ever dreamed my wedding would be. Hands down. There is nothing I would change about that day of my wedding, and I mean that. In my eyes, my wedding day was perfect. We had the most beautiful venue, an incredibly talented photographer (Kaitlin Noel Photography from Cape May New Jersey) that I have looked up to for many years, our closest friends and family, and a gorgeous July day. I wore a dress that made me feel like a million bucks, and married the man of my dreams. Did I learn somethings along the way, absolutely, and that is what I plan on doing with these next couple blog posts.

My goal with these posts are to help brides-to-be and future brides-to-be with their wedding. Not only do I see weddings through out the year as a photographer, but as a Bride, I learned so much more. And I’m hoping that what I learned can help other ladies out.

So this first post is going to be about what I learned from my own wedding, part I. There has to be a couple different parts because I have so much to share with you! 🙂

First up – Attire for your bridal party.


I promise you, your girls do not need to be in $130+ dresses, that YES, they will only wear once. No, contray to the movie, 27 Dresses, you can NOT cut a long dress and wear it again. The Wedding industry is running a scam on bridal parties, and I’m here to tell you there’s other opitions. I knew from the very beginning I wanted my girls in a lace short dress. The wedding was happening in the middle of July, and I accepted the fact that it was going to be 110* minus humidty on my big day (thankfully, it reached a high of 79* at the Grand Barn…score one for Loren). So, I wanted my girls in something light. Second, two of my bridesmaids were my sisters, both under 16, which meant that my parents would have to pay for their dresses. Two other of my girls are full time college students, yes I remember what money was like as a college kid – I had NONE! And my final bridesmaid is a SOH. I didn’t want my girls to spend a lot on their dresses. After MANY nights searching online, contacting numerous shops on Etsy, and even getting the girls an o.k. dress at a teenagers store, my MOH text me a screenshot from New York and Comany. NY&C happens to be my most favorites store, by the way! They had the most perfect black lace short dresses and I just KNEW that would be the dress my girls would wear. If you shop at NY&C, you know they run incredible sales that are too awesome to pass up. Well, the weekend I went to get the dresses, I got a couple coupons sent to my emails – the first was spend $100, get $50 off. The second was buy one, get one 50% off. So a $70 dress ended up only costing my girls $32 and change. Yes, my bridesmaids only paid $32 their bridesmaid dress, and YES they in fact CAN wear it again!


Aren’t they they cutest little dresses?! And ladies, we can ALWAYS find use for a little black, classy dress in our closests, can we not?!

Now, as far as the guys go. Again, Josh and I did not want the guys to spend $125 plus for their suit that they would again, only wear once. We were going to have them buy dress pants, a white long sleeve shirt, and a tie from Kohls. But after calling around to local SMALL businesses, I found one right here in Massillon, Howard’s Tiger Rags. He was able to hook the guys up with their pants, shirt, vest, and shoes (the guys still had to get their ties from kohls for $25) for $53 and change. Not only were the attire for the guys below our goal (by $50), but we also supported a small business in Massillon. Brides, and Grooms, if you’re shopping at a big name place, I promise you, you can find a better price for your guys. I know, because we did.

Do these guys not look sharp? They all clean up so well! Especially that hottie in a calla lillie boutineer 😉


Next blog post will be something else I learned from my wedding, and that is gift giving! I promise, you wont want to miss that post!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope this post helped!

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