It all started with a drag race...

Five and a half decades ago, a 20 year old girl was drag racing this tall handsome Air Force Veteran and Four Months later, they would marry. The legacy began on August 26th, 1960. And only the good Lord knew how this marriage was going to shape my future. 

Grams and Pappy spent years chasing dreams from Pennsylvania to New Jersey, back to Pennsylvania, all the while never forgetting the vows they spoke on that August day.  

Day in and day out, these two learned to love one another when they didn't even like each other. Because, friends, that's what marriage is about. Marriage is about saying yes when you want to say no, and saying sorry when you want to turn your back. Days turned into years, years into decades, and decades into the Golden Years.   

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It's my hope that when my brides place their wedding photo in a silver frame, it's a daily reminder of Day One and how Day One leads to Day 18,250.