February 12, 2019

A NEW Resource for Northeast Ohio Brides | Ohio Wedding Photographer

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Northeast Ohio Brides Newest Resource

Newly engaged?  Overwhelmed with planning a wedding?  Unsure of where to start first?

No worries, girl.  I got you! *insert your favorite pretty heart emoji*

Northeast Ohio has a brand new free resource for you and it’s right on Facebook.  Northeast Ohio Brides – say hello to Northeast Ohio Wedding/Event Planning & Guidance.

The group was created by Leslianne; a woman that is a go-getter.  Not only does she run the special events catering for Old Carolina, but she also organizes one of the most beautiful boutique bridal shows in our area – Beloved.

Northeast Ohio Brides had a need for a group that was welcoming and warming, and allowed brides and vendors alike a space for a true community.  Leslianne recognized this need, and being the sweet person she is, decided to do something about it.

Brides will be able to search for vendors in the group and ask for recommendations while planning their big day.  And after the big day is over, Northeast Ohio Brides will then be able to sell any of their decor they no longer have a purpose for.

Northeast Ohio Wedding/Event Planning & Guidance was born

Here’s what I’m most excited about this new group

  1. Community
    I know I have already said this, but I know Leslianne’s heart, and I know how welcoming this group will be for everyone.  Unlike other groups on Facebook, vendors won’t have to worry about being banned for having a disagreement with an admin/moderator of the group.  Yes – that really happens.  And yes – I know, we’re not in high school anymore.  So what does this mean for brides?  This means that they will have even more variety of vendors they can choose from.  Not just a select few.
  2. No Subscriptions
    Since brides are already using Facebook, they won’t have to sign up with their email to create another new account.  And vendors don’t have to pay to comment on posts or pay to attend any Live videos inside of the group.
  3. Post Engagement
    Unlike other Facebook groups that rely on the user to engage and keep the group moving, the Admin team at Northeast Ohio Wedding/Event Planning and Guidance has plans to actively engage the users.  These posts are only going to help Brides in their search for vendors and decor.  Ultimately, I see these posts making life easier for a Bride while she is planning her wedding.

I’m really looking forward to this group growing!  And I personally can’t wait to share all my knowledge with Brides without worrying that my posts will be deleted (because yes, that too happens a lot in other groups.  It’s seen as self-advertising when I’m sharing my endless knowledge for a Bride that asked for help).

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