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February 22, 2016

Loren’s Bucket List of Northeast Ohio Wedding Venues

Wedding Venues in Northeast Ohio, Photographer Akron Ohio

Northeast Ohio is full of gorgeous wedding venues, and I have a list of ones that are on bucket list to shoot a wedding at.  These venues speak to my heart and creative soul, and they get extra points if their have their own stamp on History.  After all, I went to school to be a history teacher, so history holds it’s own special place.

It’s hard to chose just a couple wedding venues in Northeast Ohio to go on my bucket list, but to save this post from being over 5,000 words, I’m going to limit it to my top 10.

Loren’s Bucket List Wedding Venues in Northeast Ohio

1. Gervasi Vineyard

I fell in love with Gervasi Vineyard in North Canton when I shot my first promo video.  The vineyard is breathtaking, and I get excited when I think about the portraits that I could create with by couples!  The iconic arch in the background with the bridal party surrounding it, and the swans casually floating in the pond in the background.   One day, Gervasi, one day, you and I will meet for a Bride’s perfect wedding day!

Wedding Venues in Northeast Ohio, Photographer Akron Ohio

2. MAPS Air Museum

Here’s where my little history art goes into overdrive!  Can you imagine the photos that I could create as guests are seated with these gorgeous retired airplanes as backdrops?  And the even crazier shots with my Bride and Groom in front of the airplanes at MAPS Air Museum?!  Not only is my history art in overdrive, but so is my patriotic, I bleed red white and blue, heart!

3. Waters Edge

I had the pleasure of touring Waters Edge in Louisville last summer in hopes to write this incredible blog post series that I never got off the ground.  There’s several different locations on the property to hold your wedding, but my favorite is the Great Hall!  This beautiful barn with HIGH ceilings and open space provides the perfect spot for a reception.

4. Stambaugh Auditorium

I came across Stambaugh Auditorium while I was doing my research for Rustic Wedding Venues in Northeast Ohio, and that history heart of mine did a backflip!  The architecture of this gorgeous venue lights my soul on fire.  I’m always envious of the photographers on the East Coast in the Colonial States who have the beautiful old buildings from the start our country has back drops.

5. The Old Court House

The Old Court House, located in Cleveland, gives me all the same feels that Stambaugh Auditorium gives me.  I’d love to place a Bride in the middle of the Court House for an incredibly epic shot!

6. Red Run Bison Farm

How could I make a bucket list of wedding venues in Northeast Ohio without including a Rustic Venue?!  Red Run Bison Farm in Marshalville is a newer wedding venue that has so much beautiful character to the venue.  It’s not your typical Bank Barn, which makes it unique to Northeast Ohio.

7. The Tudor House

This past summer, I had the pleasure of shooting Mike and Danielle’s engagement session at the Tudor House.  The venue sits on Portage Lakes and Brides would have to have a tent reception and outdoor wedding.  Which I LOVE!  I would be over the moon if I had a Bride who had an outside reception under a tent or even better, under the STARS!

Wedding Venues in Northeast Ohio, Photographer Akron Ohio

Now these last couple Wedding Venues in Northeast Ohio I haven’t had the chance to shoot at yet, however, my INCREDIBLE #LJBrides are changing that for me!

8. The Grand Barn at the Mohicans

The Grand Barn is the wedding venue that I married my Joshua at, and I can’t WAIT to photograph Trish and Ryan’s wedding here.  This wedding is going to be so sentimental for me, I’ll probably be crying the whole day!

9. Windows on the River

Windows on the River has been on my bucket list since I started shooting weddings.  I had a friend who was planning a wedding show me this venue and for the get-go I was in love.  I love everything about this venue, and i’m so excited to shoot Michelle and Jon’s wedding in April!  They’re my first wedding of the season, so what a better way to kick it off!

10. Mapleside Farm

My one June wedding allows me to mark off this rustic venue – Mapleside Farm.  I’m excited to add another rustic venue to my portfolio!  I have quite a few of Brookside Farm weddings, but being able to add Mapleside PLUS three other Rustic Wedding Venues in Northeast Ohio (The Grand Barn, Peacock Ridge, and Stone Heritage)!


Did you notice a theme with my bucket list wedding venues in Northeast Ohio?  Rustic and Historical.  Brides!  Shoot me an email if you’re getting married at one of these venues for a special discount of 10% off any collection!

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