January 29, 2019

Winter Coaching Session Dates Released

Coaching Sessions for Business Creatives

As a former educator, I love love love to learn something new.  Whether it’s bouncing ideas off of a friend, reading a new book, or sitting at a conference with a notebook and pen writing as fast as my hand allows.  Each year, I set a budget for my education, and each year I max out that budget, maybe even going over it.  I’m always inspired and always looking for ways to grow in my business.

It’s reflecting on my own personal and business growth that sets my soul on fire and ignites a desire to educate other business creatives!  I look talking shop and watching the spark light in their eyes when they’re encouraged to work on their dreams and make them a reality! With a little encouragement, lots of hard work, and endless hours of dedication, an entrepreneur can take their business to the next level!

As you may know, Josh and I are new-ish parents.  December 2017 our sweet, and very determined, daughter entered this world.  For the last year I have put 95% of my energy into caring for her every need.  It’s caring for those needs that has ultimately left very little time to sit down and chat with business creatives on how to cultivate their dreams.   I’m sure you can imagine how excited I am that motherhood and I have found a beautiful balance that I can now offer coaching sessions again!

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Coaching Session Details

You have a couple of different options when it comes to how much time we spend together.  You can either choose a one-hour session or a three-hour session.

The one-hour session is excellent for someone who has a single idea that they want to discuss.  Maybe they want to learn more about growing their business through blogging, or they would like to refine their editing workflow.  Or they want to chat about their branding and the flow of their website.  That’s what the one-hour session is designed for.

The three-hour session is great for the creative who has a whole list of questions, and they’re just overwhelmed with their business right now.  Those three hours allows us to really focus on some pain points in your business, allowing you to feel like you’re kicking off a new year on a solid foundation.

Both sessions, no questions are off limits.  I’m an open book, and will answer any question you throw at me!  I don’t believe in “industry secrets” because honestly when you think you’ve thought of something new, someone somewhere has already perfected the technique.

education for photographers, photographer akron ohio, cleveland wedding photographer

Coaching Session Dates

February 10th
11 AM
4 PM

February 17th
11 AM
4 PM

February 22nd
11 AM
4 PM

March 8th
11 AM
4 PM

March 10
11 AM
4 PM

Three Hour Session Dates and Times

February 18th
11 AM

February 24th
11 AM

March 3rd
11 AM OR 3 PM

March 17th
3 PM

Ready to Grow Your Business?

So you’ve picked a date, and you’re ready to invest in your business growth!  The next step is super easy!  You head over to this link, choose between the One-hour coaching session or the three-hour session and pick your time slot!  Once your session is confirmed, you’ll receive a questionnaire that will help me get a better idea of your business needs!

To book your coaching session, all you have to do is head over to this link and sign up!

What Others are Saying about LJP Education

A mentoring session with Loren Jackson is incredibly valuable. In just a short amount of time I learned a quicker more efficient workflow, what equipment to buy that will make the biggest impact, and how to improve my client experience. We set goals for the next year and she showed me exactly how to achieve those goals. From one session my business totally transformed. I value education and I know investing in yourself will always pay off. She gave me the motivation I needed to create a business that not only books but creates lasting relationships with clients that I can be proud of and cherish. You will not regret a minute of Loren’s time and knowledge. It’s a game changer!
Nikki Avramovich
Avra Studio

Loren has helped me build confidence in my work as a photographer. I’ve learned to step outside of my comfort zone and to take pride in my business and in what I do.
Courtney Byers

Courtney Byers Photography

Loren has pushed me and given me the confidence to further my photography career through her coaching/mentoring sessions!  I have learned so much from Loren just through coaching/mentoring sessions, more than I have in my past four years of business.  She has helped me with my website, blogging, educating myself as well as clients, client experience and so much more!  If you’re looking to push your career forward, look no more! I wish I would’ve had Loren’s help a LONG TIME AGO!
Jamie Cutshaver
Jamie Lynette Photography

I went from thinking maybe I wasn’t enough for this wedding industry: to crushing goals, setting boundaries, and doubling my pricing. Loren has helped me focus on my strengths and building those into those into my business. Loren Jackson has helped me gain peace and profit in a fast pace industry, and she’s still encouraging me every step of the way.
Mycha Sprankle
SM Events and Design

I met Loren 5 years ago when I started second shooting with her! Since then she has continually encouraged me to grow as a photographer! Whether it be to continue to blog, share our work on social media, or simply being another photographer with great insight she is always there! Her education background and desire to help others is truly inspiring and has been a huge blessing in our journey as wedding photographers.
Courtney Cannon
The Cannons Photography

education for photographers, photographer akron ohio, cleveland wedding photographer

Investment Information

I’m sure you’re wondering what a coaching session at this point costs.  The one-hour session is only $195, and the three-hour session just $425!!  And as a bonus, if you sign up for your coaching session BEFORE FEBRUARY 5TH at MIDNIGHT, I’ll throw in a FREE 30-minute headshot session that can be scheduled in April or May!  For this opportunity, you must select the 30-minute headshot session option and use promo code headshots19 at checkout. Having professional headshots for your business is crucial to growing your business.  You can read my thoughts on that in this blog post!

To book your coaching session, all you have to do is head over to this link and sign up!

Still Have Questions?

If you’re wondering what session would fit your needs best, if you’re even at a point in your business that a session would benefit you, or if you’d love to secure one of these dates but the time of day is off by an hour, shoot me an email – loren@lorenjacksonphotography.com.  I’m always happy to help you any way I can!

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