THE PERFECT Vineyard Wedding VENUE

lush vineyards, the spring-fed lake, the Weeping Willow trees, or the well kept landscape at the Villa Grande, a couple is sure to have timeless wedding photos at this northeast Ohio wedding venue.

Escape Canton, Ohio and transport to Italy with this Tuscan inspired wedding venue - Gervasi Vineyard.
The 55 acre estate features three wedding venues - the highly sought-after open air Pavilion, the elegant greenhouse called the Conservatory for intimate wedding ceremonies, and the Villa Grande that accommodates up to 120 guests. 
Everywhere you turn and look, Gervasi Vineyard grounds provide stunning locations for your wedding photos.  Whether it's the lush vineyards, the spring-fed lake, the Weeping Willow trees at the Villas, or the well kept landscape at the Villa Grande, a couple is sure to have timeless wedding photos at this northeast Ohio wedding venue.  
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gervasi vineyard

“...beautiful backdrops for photography, too...”

Not only is Gervasi a beautiful venue but they really know the ins and outs of hospitality management. Everything from our stay at the Villas to the reception dinner meal was perfect. Our guests said it was the best wedding meal they'd ever had.

michelle m.

“Of course the photo ops
are priceless”

Words cannot describe how beautiful Gervasi Vineyard is. Of course the photo ops are priceless. I strongly recommend investing in a stay at the villas. So great to be right on sight with the venue, it was like a mini party every night. Great memories had by all!

jennifer k.

The Villas at Gervasi Vineyard

It's the morning of your wedding, and the last thing a Bride needs is to be cramped into a little room.  The Villas provide a one of a kind luxury experience on the morning of a wedding for a Gervasi Bride.  

The Villa Grande

An Italian ballroom located across the gardens from the Villas, holds space for up to 120 guests!  A beautiful patio wedding, with the perfect indoor reception space.

The Pavilion

Inspired by a Tuscan villa, the Pavilion is Gervasi Vineyard's most sought-after wedding venue on the 55 acre property.  The open air structure has breathtaking views.  On one side you can enjoy the spring-fed lake, and on the other gaze into the vineyard.
Accommodates up to 300.  Available from May to October

The Conservatory

The Conservatory is a perfect spot if you're having an intimate ceremony, but wanting an outside feel to it.  Fully enclosed, the Conservatory at Gervasi Vineyard gives you 360 degrees of natural light for stunning wedding photos.

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Should we both get ready at Gervasi Vineyard?

YES!  Rent enough suites at a Villa that you entire bridal party can enjoy the full experience!  Getting ready photos at the Villa is unlike anything else!

Where do you recommend taking our family portraits?

If your ceremony and reception are taking place at the Pavilion, I recommend on the back steps.  If your ceremony in on the Grand Villa side, photos by the Conservatory are stunning!

What time should we schedule our ceremony to begin?

This answer is dependent on a couple of factors.  Do you plan doing a first look?  Are you having a Friday wedding?  What season are you getting married in?  I would say depending on your answers, you could have a 3:30 ceremony, or as late as 5:30.

How long should we plan to take bride & groom portraits?

Gervasi Vineyard makes up 55 acres. That being said, there are dozens of different spots for photos! If you want to utilize the property to the fullest, you should plan for at least 45 minutes. If you only care about one or two spots, you can make do with 30 minutes.

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