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Hi again friend, it’s me, Loren!

I feel completely honored to have captured more than 100 love stories since 2011 - and if I’m being honest, I’ve teared up at nearly every one.

I live for precious moments that only happen on such a monumental day - and capturing those moments for eternity feeds my soul.

The kind of gotta-have-’em moments like...

The tear that gracefully rolls down a Mother’s cheek as she laces up her daughter’s wedding dress. The look of pure amazement on a groom’s face as he sees his beautiful bride for the first time. The joyful smile on a bride’s face after she plants that first sweet kiss on her new groom.

When a couple adds Loren Jackson Photography to their wedding team, they know beyond a shadow of a doubt, their wedding day is going to be stress-free with the most joyful photos to share later!

Let's create a day that focuses on the joy, the excitement, the parts of a wedding you've dreamed of since you said yes!  I'm excited and honored to guide you along the way!



Everyone at Bouquet Studio loves Loren and her work! She is so organized and so hard working. She'll stand on her head to get you the perfect shot! We love her no nonsense, be on time approach but most especially her work is breathtakingly beautiful and she always makes our designs look better in her photos than they really were in person. If you're looking for a ethereal, dreamy and romantic look to your wedding photos, she is your perfect match.

"We love her no nonsense, be on time approach"

Amy, owner + lead designer at Bouquet Studio

I have fond memories of my mom planting these summer and fall flowers in front of our home growing up. Plus the beautiful yellow color just warms my soul.


A few of my favorites

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I rarely leave anywhere without throwing these in my cart. And yes, I love my sweet husband, but even I don’t share this favorite treat with him.

Peanut M&Ms

A few of my favorites

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Is there a better way to be greeted at the door? I think not!

Doggy Kisses & Toddler Squeals

A few of my favorites

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For someone whose love language is quality time, date nights with my husband are so important. Thank goodness I married an amazing man who never disappoints!

Date Night

A few of my favorites

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While some can’t wait for a night out, I love nothing more than a quiet night at home or a quick trip away with my family. It helps me recharge in the best way.

Quiet Time

A few of my favorites

Some people reach for a beer or a glass of wine after a long day, but me? I gotta have my sweet tea. I may even finish an entire gallon in less than 24 hours a little too regularly.

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A few of my favorites

Sweet Tea

my why

Nearly six decades ago, a 20-year-old girl was drag racing against this tall handsome air force veteran and four months later, they would marry. the legacy began on August 26th, 1960. And only the good Lord knew how this marriage was going to shape my future - and be one of the reasons I photograph weddings. 

Grams and Pappy spent years chasing dreams and new adventures from Pennsylvania to New Jersey, back to Pennsylvania, all the while never forgetting the vows they spoke on that August day.  


Day in and day out, these two learned to love one another when they didn't even like each other. Because, friends, that's what marriage is about. Marriage is about saying yes when you want to say no, and saying sorry when you want to turn your back. Days turned into years, years into decades, and decades into the golden years.   And their loyalty teaches me how to be a better wife. Their legacy teaches me how to be a better wedding photographer.
It's my hope that when my brides place their wedding photo in a silver frame, it's a daily reminder of Day One and how Day One leads to Day 18,250.

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The investment for wedding photography begins at $4200. 
Contact Loren for more detailed information.