When a Bride plans her wedding day, she doesn’t miss a single detail.  Everything is thought over, again and again.  From the wedding colors, to the flowers, to the chargers she’ll rent from the catering company.  The one aspect a Bride puts a lot of thought into is her reception and the reception details.  There’s a […]

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I think we can all agree that the most important family will be at our wedding day, right?  I know that was the case for Josh and I.  Aside from a pair of sick grandparents, we were surrounded by the family members who meant the most to us, and have been with us every step […]

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I’m willing to bet that 90% of wedding photographers LOVE the morning of a wedding when we get to photograph the bridal details.  For me, this time is the equivalent of the opening chapter of a great book.  The details set the stage for how awesome the rest of a wedding day will go.  It’s […]

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Custom Wedding Stationery   The more weddings I photograph, the more I fall in love with professional custom wedding stationery.  Custom wedding stationery is the unsung hero of a wedding.  When designed beautifully, the stationery can tie every piece of a bride’s wedding theme together. Custom wedding stationery is also the first tangible item your […]

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Meet Loren

Loren is a wife, furmom to two huskies and a Rottweiler, and a photographer who captures the beautiful love stories of her couples. The girl who always has a sweet tea within reach, Loren loves knowing that years from now, her Brides will be sitting at the dinner table flipping through a wedding album with her Granddaughter.

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