Planning a Wedding Post-COVID-19


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With that shiny new rock on your finger, you’re gearing up for an incredible new season of life. Once that will be filled with a lot of joy, excitement, and decision making.

In the past, I’ve written blog posts about the steps you take in the early stages of wedding planning, but with the world still on fire, I have some new advice for newly engaged couples.

Wedding Planning Post COVID-19

Thanks to the Rona wrecking havoc on the Spring and Summer wedding season of 2020, many weddings were pushed back to 2021.

One survey even found that 9 out of 10 weddings affected by the Rona pushed their weddings back to 2021.

If you haven’t already started venue and vendor shopping for your wedding, you may not see the trend. But if you have, I’m guessing you’re overwhelmed.

Overwhelmed because every Saturday in June is booked at your top venue. In fact, every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in June is booked.

Overwhelmed because you’re receiving email after email from vendors that they’re not available.

Overwhelmed because you thought you had plenty of time to plan a wedding but you’re left with very little options to chose from.

Let’s get rid of that overwhelm, and here are some tips I can give you with planning a wedding after the catastrophe that was the 2020 Wedding Season.

1. Don’t go into venue shopping with your heart dead set on a date

In the years past, it was very possible to have a wedding date in mind. You would tour three, maybe four venues and by the end of the touring, you knew which venue was YOUR VENUE. And you got top choice on dates.

Be prepared to make some concessions on dates. You may have to get married on a Friday or a Sunday. Maybe even a Thursday. (Hello loooonnnggg weekend!! That’s a win!!)

Pros to getting married on other days beside a Saturday

  • Saturday weddings are the most expensive day to get married at a venue
  • Having a Friday wedding means a long weekend for your guests! They’ll appreciate the extra day off!
  • If you get married on Friday, you can relax on Saturday and still leave for your honeymoon on Sunday. But without the hangover as you’re rushing through the airport
  • A Thursday wedding could mean even cheaper than a Sunday! (Sunday’s are typically the cheapest of Friday, Saturday, Sunday with venues)

Need a list of wedding venues in Northeast Ohio? Click here to see my favorite Northeast Ohio Wedding venues and for a free venue directory!

2. Reach out to four or more vendors in each category

Remember when I said that Spring and Summer wedding season was a disaster thanks to Covid? 75% plus of those weddings that were affected pushed out to Spring and Summer 2021.

Vendors that typically have a few dates open from April-August have no dates open. I personally can not take on any more weddings in those months. And the remaining months of 2021, I have limited openings.

While I have a list of other photographers I refer couples to when I’m booked, even my list is dwindling of anyone available.

Hopefully by reaching out to a handful of vendors, if they’re booked, they know someone that isn’t and can serve you well on your wedding day.

Click here to view a list of my top preferred wedding vendors in Northeast Ohio

3. Consider having a 2022 or later wedding

If you are determined to have a June wedding, on a Saturday, at a popular wedding venue, book that date for 2022. Maybe even 2023.

I already know of venues that have no Saturdays left open during the busy season until 2023 thanks to the domino effect of the 2020 wedding season.

Some plus sides of waiting to have your wedding:

  • More options with top wedding professionals
  • More time to save
  • More time to let the world stop burning (Ie: less restrictions on daily life and large events)

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Here’s to a smoother 2021 and 2022 wedding season for not only the wedding professionals that survive on this income, but for also the couples! We’re talking the biggest party you’ll ever through to celebrate one of life’s greatest milestones!

I hope you found this article helpful as you’re planning your dream wedding!

Want your wedding planning and day to be stress-free and enjoyable? Click here for more helpful wedding planning advice!

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