Charlotte Grace | Birth Story It all started on Tuesday, November 28th.  I went to my 39-week appointment in the morning and almost asked the midwife to check and see if I was dilated yet.  I was beginning to get anxious for the arrival of our sweet girl, but for whatever reason, once I was […]

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  A New Season is about to Begin Gosh…that baby belly!  The first photo was taken on May 27th at Natalie and Joe’s wedding and the last bump photo on October 28th at Stephanie and Andrew’s Peacock Ridge wedding.  My second photographer, Jamie, had the wonderful idea to take a bump photo after every wedding.  […]

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Fall Maternity Photos We took a huge chance last week deciding to stick with our original plan of shooting maternity photos.  Call it pregnancy stubbornness, but any other time with a forecast like last Wednesday, I would have rescheduled a session.  Unless it’s mine.  And I want photos taken!  Thankful for a friend like Courtney from The […]

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They say that the first baby comes anytime, it’s the second one that takes nine months.  And I couldn’t agree more.  This sweet babe and I are already 24 weeks along (today actually!), and we’re feeling GREAT!  Everyone asks me how I’m feeling – probably because that’s an easy segway into baby talk.  Since about […]

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Meet Loren

Loren is a wife, furmom to two huskies and a Rottweiler, and a photographer who captures the beautiful love stories of her couples. The girl who always has a sweet tea within reach, Loren loves knowing that years from now, her Brides will be sitting at the dinner table flipping through a wedding album with her Granddaughter.

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