This blog post seems surreal to type.  Josh and I have kept our beautiful secret off of social media for the last six weeks.  A secret that so many people I’m sure by now are expecting for us to share.  Because every time I have a blog post that hints to this topic, my blog […]

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Something I’ve learned about myself the last year is I lie to myself.  A lot.  I let the devil on my left shoulder whispers lies into my ear.  The sad part, I believe those lies. That faint whisper tells me I’m not good enough.  I don’t know enough.  I’m not talented enough.  Creative enough.  Knowledgeable.  […]

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A Brand Refresh with B is for Bonnie SURPRISE!!!! I’ve done it again. Which may or may not be a good thing. I decided this summer that this business of mine was going to get a refresh. I’d like to say a brand refresh is like watering a garden with miracle grow and watching the […]

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Oh, friends.  Have you ever just needed a break?  You needed time to step away, refresh your heart, rest your mind, clear your thoughts? Yes?  Good, I knew it wasn’t just me! I started my off-season with a little education in Connecticut with Mary of Justin and Mary working on a little refresh.  I already had […]

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Meet Loren

Loren is a wife, furmom to two huskies and a Rottweiler, and a photographer who captures the beautiful love stories of her couples. The girl who always has a sweet tea within reach, Loren loves knowing that years from now, her Brides will be sitting at the dinner table flipping through a wedding album with her Granddaughter.

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