I have a tendency to really like change when it comes to my website! Guilty as charged. My very first professionally designed website was launched late Summer 2015, and since then I have gone through four different looks.  Four designs in three years!  Talk about an identity crisis! But today… today number four goes live!  And […]

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Before you say “EWWW!!!!” hear me out!  Cloth diapers have come a long way in the last 5o years! I’m not sure why I ultimately wanted to put our babies in cloth diapers.  I knew someone that did cloth diapers, and every time she posted a photo of her son, he had the cutest prints!  So […]

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Eight months ago today, my world stopped.  It came to an absolute standstill.  The room went quiet every disappeared but Josh, this new tiny human, and me. At 10:38 am on December 1st, Charlotte Grace took her first breath.  I had no idea then how my world was going to change.  I wholeheartedly believe my calling in this life, […]

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Charlotte Grace | Birth Story It all started on Tuesday, November 28th.  I went to my 39-week appointment in the morning and almost asked the midwife to check and see if I was dilated yet.  I was beginning to get anxious for the arrival of our sweet girl, but for whatever reason, once I was […]

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