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Is blogging dead?  In the last couple of months, I’ve been asked this question.  Business Creatives want to know why blogging matters if others say blogging is dead. First, I don’t think blogging is dead.  There are readers in the world who look at blogs for helpful advice.  Real advice.  From real people with real experiences.  Take […]

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Where’s my Monday through Friday, 9-5 full timers dreaming of the day they’re their own boss?  The ones who are working 40 hours a week at their desk job and pulling all nighters with their dream job? If you’re anything like me, you can not wait to give your two weeks notice, but you’re still […]

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I had so much writing last weeks post on Blogging Workflow that I couldn’t resist writing a post about blogging tips.  Blogging has become such a huge part of my business, and though the last three months of consistent blogging, I’ve picked up some tips, or tools of the trade that I think anyone starting […]

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While I know i’m not the one to educate on blogging workflow, I do want to share what has worked will for me the last 3 months. Let me preface this post by saying I don’t have children and I see my husband maybe three days a week.  But I do still teach full time, […]

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