Can we take a second to thank the creators of Pinterest?  I mean, when you’re alllll out of ideas for dinner, and the question “what do you want to eat today” becomes one big game that seems like you’re constantly walking in circles.  Where do you turn?  I can’t be the only one who grabs […]

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Spanish Rice I remember being about eight years old and my Mom asking “what do you kids want for dinner?  As long as we didn’t have it the week before, our answer would always be Spanish Rice. I should pull a stool up to the counter and wait for instructions from Mom.  There was only […]

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Without some serious meal planning prep, dinner time can seem like a taunting task.  And lately in this house, meal planning has been nonexistant.  It all boils down to I’m not taking the time on Sundays to sit down and think about what I’m going to make for dinner each day.  When I do meal plan, […]

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inkWELL Press Meal Planner I’m so excited to start back with this blog series.  One of my greatest joys in my marriage is cooking dinner for Joshua.  That man works so hard for our family, and he deserves a hot meal in his belly every day.  Call me old fashion, but I love knowing I’m the reason […]

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Meet Loren

Loren is a wife, furmom to two huskies and a Rottweiler, and a photographer who captures the beautiful love stories of her couples. The girl who always has a sweet tea within reach, Loren loves knowing that years from now, her Brides will be sitting at the dinner table flipping through a wedding album with her Granddaughter.

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