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December 4, 2018

New Face to Loren Jackson Photography

new showit website design by davey and krista

I have a tendency to really like change when it comes to my website!

Guilty as charged.

My very first professionally designed website was launched late Summer 2015, and since then I have gone through four different looks.  Four designs in three years!  Talk about an identity crisis!

But today… today number four goes live!  And it’s beautiful!!

Back in October, I was digging around on the design site for Showit Website and in my heart, I knew that I needed to reach out to Davey and Krista to chat with them about a new site.

I first learned of Krista back in March 2014 when I attended my first conferenceCreative at Heart.  Since Round Two in Virgina, I have been to two other Creative at Hearts – Denver and Raliegh, Krista, and her other half, Davie, stood up front and spoke about SEO.  They’re just not awesome Showit Designers, they’re new parents, pizza lovers, and film photographers.  They’re what you call good people.

So I got on the phone with Davey and chatted.  Being a busy mom myself, I knew I didn’t have the time, patience, or will-power to purchase one of their templates and customize it myself.  So the decision was made to have Krista do it.

I went to work looking through all their templates and piecing together what I loved about six templates.  Lord…the patience Krista must have to deal with me and my “mash-up” as I called it!

We started roughly eight weeks ago and today’s the day to finally share with everyone what I’ve been up to!  Surprise!  Loren’s launching another new site design!!!

I’m so grateful for the talent (and patience) Krista has!  She’s been wonderful to work with, and this website is a true work of art.  It’s simple, it’s clean, it’s to the point!  It’s not too busy, too cluttered, or an overload of information.  And thanks to some copywriting skills of Amanda Burg, I know this site will help attract even more of my bride!!

So take a look around.  Download the guide at the bottom of the page if you’re a bride, look through the new galleries, and then after you’re all done, let me know what you love most in the comments below!!

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