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April 27, 2016

Tips for Engagement Sessions

As the season is changing and we’re (HOPEFULLY) moving into the warmer months of the year, my evenings are starting to fill up quickly with amazing couples for their engagement sessions.  I couldn’t think of a better time then now to talk about tips for engagement sessions.  You’re not going to read anything that is rocket science, but maybe some tips that are so simple you simply didn’t think about.

9 Tips for Engagement Sessions

  • The day before, go have your ring cleaned so it’s nice and sparkly for photos
  • If you bought a new pair of shoes for the session, be sure to break them in BEFORE
  • Schedule your trial run for makeup the morning of the session and pay a little extra to have your hair curled if you’re curling iron challenged like me
  • Ladies, every single one of us is guilty of it.  The hairband.  Yes, that thing on your wrist that is our lifesaver.  Take it off.  You’re not going to like having that on your wrist for all your shots.  Most of the time I catch something that small, but just in case, put it in your purse before you get out of the car.
  • Pick out an outfit that you’re COMFORTABLE in.  If you are self-conscious about certain parts of your body (for me it’s my flabby arms), pick an outfit that doesn’t emphasize that.  Since I don’t like my arms, I would wear something with sleeves or my go-to is a cardigan.
  • Be on time for your session.  This is a no-brainer, but this could take some planning on your part.  Especially if you’re doing hair and makeup.  Sessions for LJ Brides always take place two hours before sunset.  So it’s crucial you show up on time because we’re racing against the sunset.
  • Sit your handsome Fiancé down and go through a couple blog posts of engagement sessions from your photographer.  It’s important for him to know how your photographer poses their couples so he’s not blindsided by either posed photos or the cute candid ones
  • If you’re bringing your four-legged fur-baby (or babies if you’re crazy like me and own more than one!), bring help!  Ask one of the moms to come and assist.  The pup isn’t going to be in every shot, so it’s important that someone is able to keep their attention while we’re doing our thing
  • Most importantly, RELAX, have FUN and TRUST your photographer.  There’s a reason you hired them.  Hopefully, it’s because you love their work and not because they’re the cheapest you could find.  A professional is going to give you direction and shouldn’t leave you feeling like you have no idea what you’re doing.  So relax, have fun, and again…trust!


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