Free Wedding Day Timelines for Stress Free Wedding Days

January 15, 2019

Free Wedding Day Timelines for Stress Free Wedding Days

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Free Wedding Day Timeline for a Stress-Free Day

Call it my Type A personality, but wedding day timelines geek me out.  I love creating a timeline for each of my couples.  I can visually see how the day is going to play out.  Looking at a timeline, I can tell you whether or not the day will be stressful, or if it’ll go by with a breeze.  But that’s another blog post for another day!

Today I want to share with you three timelines that are always my go-to at consults.  90% of my weddings will use one of these three timelines.  The other 10% take a little tweaking simply because the ceremony and reception are not at the same location.

Having an organized timeline for your wedding day is KEY to a having a stress-free day.  Do yourself a favor – once you and your photographer have finalized your timeline for your wedding day, PRINT OFF THE TIMELINE!  Then you’ll want to hand out the timelines to every person in your bridal party and each parent.  That way they know exactly where they need to be!  (Okay – maybe that’s the type A coming out in me!)

Things to keep in mind about the free wedding day timelines:

  • Making sure hair and makeup is completedfor everyone, 30 minutes before the Bride is to get dress is so important to making sure the day starts off on the right foot.
  • Two of the three wedding day timelines have the ceremony beginning at 4:30.  If your ceremony is beginning at 3:30 or even 5:30, just adjust the timelines by plus or minus one hour.
  • The timelines already have some buffer time built into the day.
    • It typically does not take 45 minutes to get ready, but some brides have gifts to open, or there could be a slight issue with the dress that needs to be fixed.
    • Must ceremonies do not last 30 minutes, but for the 4:30 wedding day timelines, you’ll see I built in 30 minutes for each ceremony (aside from the Full Mass timeline – that has an hour built-in).
  • These timelines are built for two wedding photographers!  Adjustments will need to be made if there is not a second photographer on your wedding day
  • 99.9% of my wedding days last eight hours, and that’s the perfect amount of time (read why I think 8 hours is the sweet spot).  However, check your contract with your wedding photographer to double check out many hours of coverage you have.

Free Wedding Day Timeline Download

Ready for your free download of a wedding day timeline times three?!  Head to this link to sign up to receive them!

wedding day timeline, wedding photographer arkon ohio, cleveland brides, rivercrest farm summer wedding

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