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How Education has Finically Impacted My Business Devin Robinson recently said something along the lines on his podcast that “the fastest way to learn is to fail quickly.”  That really stuck with me.  Failing isn’t fun, but you learn from what you did wrong, make adjustments, and do it again. There’s the word.  Learn. My […]

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Some days it’s hard for me to comprehend it’ll be four years in May that I stepped away from the classroom. I took a leap of faith. A leap that takes a lot of courage! It’s been a wonderful four years of being my own boss. Making my own schedule. It hasn’t always been easy, […]

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Let’s begin by assuming you already have your URL. You already have a brand with a logo, dedicated fonts and colors. And your website is live. By the way – I recommend purchasing your URL from Google. You should totally reach out to Davey and Krista for a professional brand – at the very least, […]

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2019 was a great year for me finding new books and growing my knowledge about business. Sometimes I feel like I’m at a disadvantage of someone that has a business degree. But then I remember how much debt a degree puts people in, and books are much cheaper. I’ve always been a reader. When I […]

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