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My Story is Important Year number three in the books. The first year since 2016! I’m home from the Showit United Conference with a refreshed creative heart. The to-do list is long, but the soul feels so light. And happy. I forgot how good continuing education felt for me. Since becoming a momma and putting […]

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This past summer, I started listening to the Goal Digger Podcast more. I knew I needed to dig deeper into Instagram marketing and the one Creative that I knew would teach me about the popular social media platform was Jenna Kutcher. I hopped on the Goal Digger podcast wagon and downloaded any episode that seemed […]

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It’s only recently that I began to implement Pinterest in my marketing workflow.  I listen to the Brands that Book Podcast with Davey Jones from Davey and Krista, and Vanessa Kynes was a guest twice. The first episode on BTB she simply talked about the importance of Pinterest for businesses.  How, when done correctly and […]

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You walk into a busy restaurant, and your experience begins immediately.  You see a full lobby and customers simply look hangry.  You can tell right away they have been sitting there longer than it’ll take them to eat their meal.  You’re weighing your odds, do you wait the 60 minutes it takes just to be […]

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