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November 11, 2019

Showit United | 2019 Reflections

wedding bouquet details photographed at the Showit United Conference in Tempe Arizona

My Story is Important

Year number three in the books. The first year since 2016!

I’m home from the Showit United Conference with a refreshed creative heart. The to-do list is long, but the soul feels so light. And happy.

I forgot how good continuing education felt for me. Since becoming a momma and putting my family at the front of the line, my professional life has taken a back burner. For the first time in two years, I did something for myself and man! The fire that was once burning out is relit, as bright as a torch and growing stronger as I reflect on my time in the desert.

Showit United isn’t just a conference for photographers. It’s a life-changing conference for anyone in the creative industry. A wedding DJ could have been in the audience and they would have walked away on Wednesday afternoon with a wealth of knowledge!

Heart. Value. Story.

There was an overarching theme to United this year. Nearly every keynote speaker touched on it, and I heard the message loud and clear.

When your heart is happy, and your soul is at peace, that’s when you can provide the most value to a client’s experience. And at the end of the day, how we interpret our own story is always important. Our story is important to share with the world. Our story affects our everyday life. This also means that we have to SHARE our story. And sharing can be terrifying.

Final Thoughts

My family survived five days without me. It’s equally a scary, yet relieving, realization. Our child was happy as can be even with mom gone. She missed me, a lot, but she was content with all of her 1 on 1 daddy time she received. This is clearly a sign that mom needs to get away more. Loren needs more Loren time.

My creative heart needs to make time for growth. Where there is no growth, there is just a boring life with the same day to day.

The older I get, the less I like big crowds. I was so content with alone time back at the room each evening. I do not enjoy loud gatherings where I can not make a personal connection with someone. Having to focus on drowning out all the background noise so I can hear what someone says is not my definition of a good time. Thanks to my introvert tendencies, I averaged 10 hours of sleep while in Arizona. Talk about GLORIOUS!

If you’re a photographer anywhere in the world, you need to make this conference a priority to attend. Save your vacation time from work if photography is a side hustle. Budget for United NOW! This conference will not only be good for your business, but it will change the way you live your life. It’ll change your outlook on your marriage. It’ll impact your client experience. And friends, these changes and outlooks, they’re all for the better. I promise.

Dates for next year are already released. So block off your calendar! November 8th – November 11th in Tempe, Arizona.

For once, take a chance on yourself. Believe in yourself. Invest in yourself.

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