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Pinterest workflow with tailwind

It’s only recently that I began to implement Pinterest in my marketing workflow.  I listen to the Brands that Book Podcast with Davey Jones from Davey and Krista, and Vanessa Kynes was a guest twice.

The first episode on BTB she simply talked about the importance of Pinterest for businesses.  How, when done correctly and efficiently, Pinterest can be one of the biggest referral traffics to a business’ website.   I was intrigued, but to be honest, I was overwhelmed in my business at the time.  Implementing something new to my workflow seemed like a task that was just impossible.  When really, I just needed to figure out a workflow that worked for me.

By the time Vanessa came back on BTB for the second time, I had a better grasp on motherhood, and bonus, it was the off-season.  She talked about the trends for 2019 on Pinterest.  By the end of the episode, I was motivated to get my Pinterest game going.

How I got started with my Pinterest Workflow

I bought her $19 course on how to create Pinterest friendly blog posts and went to town updating my most helpful posts for Brides.

I use InDesign for all my marketing pieces, so I opened up my second favorite Adobe program.  Based on Vanessa’s recommendations, I created my pins.  A short pin 2:3 pin, and a media pin that is 600×1260 – the longest pin format that Pinterest allows before cropping.  You can also use programs like Canva and Design Wizard if you’re not familiar with InDesign.

I created a template for the pins and saved that one.  So now every blog post that I write, I don’t have to recreate the foundation for a pin.  It’s already there, ready to go.

I signed up for Tailwind and joined a couple of tribes to help share my content.  I also created a Tribe specifically for Ohio Wedding Professionals where we can share content with each other!  (Make sure you join after you create your Tailwind account if you’re an Ohio wedding professional!)

Pinterest Workflow

Once I have my blog post written and scheduled with CoSchedule, I get to work on my simple Pinterest workflow.  Here is my step by step Pinterest Workflow:

  1. I create my pin (600×1260) in InDesign
  2. I upload that pin to the bottom of the blog post and include a call-to-action
  3. Once the blog post goes live, I click on the post and scroll to the bottom till I get to my pin
  4. Hover over the pin to “schedule” the pin within Tailwind
  5. Add the pin to respective Tribes in Tailwind
  6. BONUS STEP: Spend 10-15 minutes looking through the other Tribes I’m apart of and scheduling pins that would be beneficial to my audience

That’s it.  Five steps in my Pinterest workflow with a bonus to share some love in your tailwind tribes.  I’ve only been actively working on my Pinterest workflow for the last two-three weeks and I have already noticed a considerable uptick on my blog.  With very little effort.  I can only imagine how beneficial this is going to be once I put more effort into it!

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If you found this blog post on Pinterest Workflow helpful, pin the photo below to your Pinterest board!

Pinterest workflow with tailwind


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