Four Game-Changing Books to Read to Level Up Your Business

2019 was a great year for me finding new books and growing my knowledge about business. Sometimes I feel like I’m at a disadvantage of someone that has a business degree. But then I remember how much debt a degree puts people in, and books are much cheaper.

I’ve always been a reader. When I attend conferences I’m always listening for book suggestions! Imagine being able to grow your business at less than a $20 investment!

Below I’m sharing with you four books that I read in 2019 that if you read, your business will be positively impacted!

Story Brand

Of course, Building a Story Brand is going to be at the top of my list. I recommend Donald Miller, his book, and his podcast to everyone I come across that runs a business.

He has a legit system in place that helps all business owners (not just creatives) create a message that is a clear and effective way to communicate with future clients.

I used his Story Brand Script to write copy for my promo video that was filmed with Ashley McComb Productions. (Want to watch the video? Click here!) . I almost paid a copywriter to do the heavy lifting for me. Instead, I sat down, put my thoughts on paper and used the Framework from Building a Story Brand. Magic was created. From brain to pen, to paper. I have never been able to more effectively communicate what I wanted my future clients! Donald Miller’s framework helped with that!

Purchase the Building a Story Brand Here | Listen to Donald Miller’s Podcast here

The Science of Selling

Davey Jones, from Davey and Krista, recommended this book when he did a pricing series in his Facebook Group. Davey took what he learned from his own experiences and paired it with the knowledge he gained from reading The Science of Selling. I first learned of this book from that pricing series.

Pricing has never been something that came easy for me. And I’d like to think that’s common for a lot of creatives. After all – how in the world are we supposed to put a price tag on our time and talents?!

David Hoffeld, the Author of The Science of Selling literally looks at scientific studies and applies the findings to sale strategies! I have a notebook FULL of notes from this book. I’m always revisiting ways I can be more effective at closing a sale.

Whether it’s to book a wedding, sell more mini sessions, communicate why you’re a better choice for a photographer over your competition, or add art to a couple’s home, this book needs to get in your hands ASAP! Here’s a promise I’ll make to you. Are you ready? You will make your money back (AND THEN SOME!!). And you’ll do it in the first month of applying the strategies shared in this book!

Purchase The Science of Selling Here


My business coach – Chad DiBlasio sent this to me back in the early fall. I purchased the audible version so I could listen when I was driving. I did A LOT of driving this fall between sessions, weddings, and dropping Charlotte off at my mom’s!

I have the updated version with commentary by Matt Furey. Mr. Furey is the president of The Psycho-Cybernetics Foundation. He adds in additional notes that take the 1950’s content and makes it relatable for us today!

Psycho-Cybernetics takes an in-depth look at a person’s self-image and how we set ourselves up for complete success (or total failure). The book includes techniques that you and I can practice today to manage and improve our self-image!

Purchase Psycho-Cybernetics Here

Free to Focus

If you’re looking for a concrete way to set up your workweek for 100% total success, YOU NEED THIS BOOK!

Michael Hyatt is a known business genius. He has scaled his business that includes not only conferences, but planners, a book club, online courses, and coaching.

In his book, Free to Focus, you take a look at designing your “Perfect Week.” You start by listing your tasks and commitments and seeing what you can eliminate, automate, or delegate! Once you have your list categorized, it’s time to see what is “Front Stage” work versus “Back Stage”. THEN you get busy creating the magic – planning out your perfect week!

This book gives you action steps to take so you can open up your schedule. Imagine being able to focus more on your family, friends, health, and sanity! All while still making an income (if not MORE!)! After all, who doesn’t want more time with the ones they love most?!

Purchase Free to Focus Here

Download Loren’s Notes

I’m the biggest geek when it comes to note-taking! I was that student during high school, college, and even at professional development that I’m front row (or as close as I can get!).

I believe so much in these books. So much so, I wanted to share with you the notes I took from Michael Hyatt’s Freedom to Focus book. These notes are just a cliff notes version of my main takeaways. This does not mean you get a free pass. You still need to purchase the book, take your own notes, and applying those action steps to creating your own dream schedule!

Download the notes, get a taste of what freedom from a crazy work life looks like, then purchase your own copy on Amazon! The book will be in your hands in TWO days!

Click here to Download Your Notes

Win Your Own Book!

Did you see the posts on Instagram and Facebook? Follow the directions for your chance to win a free copy of any of the four books – winner’s choice! The winner will be announced via email. So be sure to download your copy of my notes! Otherwise – you’ll never know if you won!

Want a chance to win one of these books?! Click here!

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