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September 12, 2019

Gervasi Vineyard Wedding | Tony + Michelle

Gervasi Vineyard Wedding | Canton, Ohio

She quietly walked down the winding brick path.  She was just a few feet away from the love of her life.  Hands shaking, heart racing.

He stood with his back towards her, staring off into the distance.  Reminding himself not to lock his knees.  He couldn’t imagine his bride being any more beautiful then she already is in everyday life.

She said his name.  He turned around.  And every ounce of breath he had in his lungs quickly escaped.  He was standing face to face with his beautiful Bride, absolutely speechless.  Tears forming in his eyes as tears ran down her cheek.  For 30 seconds, they stood there holding each other, taking in the sights, letting their heart beat out of their chest.  For 30 seconds, it was just them.  In their own little world.  30 seconds felt like a lifetime.

Words would eventually come to Tony and the first thing he said to Michelle was how beautiful she looked.  And he didn’t stop telling her all day.  A man, completely smitten by his wife.  Speechless, in awe of her beauty.  Madly in love with the woman, he will spend the rest of his life with.

Michelle and Tony’s Gervasi Vineyard Wedding was an honor to photograph!  From the moment I first talked with Michelle a year ago, I knew these two had something special.  I remember telling Josh how much I wanted to be the one to capture their wedding day.  

Here we are, sharing all the beautiful details, intimate moments, and teary-eyed toasts given on their wedding day at Gervasi Vineyard.

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Thank you to the following vendors that contributed to Michelle and Tony’s Gervasi wedding

VENUE | Gervasi Vineyard
GETTING READY LOCATION | Gervasi Villas – Sorrento
OFFICIANT | David Ambrose
CATERING | Gervasi
FLORIST | Graceful Wedding Company
VIDEOGRAPHER | Brandon Andrews Media
ENTERTAINMENT | S&S Production and Entertainment
HAIR + MAKEUP | Sarah Delaine Beauty Co.
BRIDAL BOUTIQUE | The Dress Bridal Boutique
DRESS DESIGNER | Essense of Australia
TUXES | Men’s Warehouse
INVITATIONS | Vistaprint

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