March 18th, 2018

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Personalize Wedding Invitations


A couple weeks ago, I wrote a post on how  I created my wedding invitations, 100% DIY!  And they were GORGEOUS!  Today, I’m going to talk a little bit on my favorite way to personalize wedding invitations, so they’re not only 100% DIY, but so they’re 100% YOU!

Personalized Stamp

My favorite way to personalize wedding invitations is with custom address return stamps.  You can search on Etys and found a number of shops that make them.  Just search for personalized return address stamp.  I’m all about branding your wedding (maybe that’ll be a future post!) so if you have a theme to the day, try and find a stamp that goes with the theme.  Josh and I had a rustic barn wedding, so of course our  return address stamp had a mason jar on it.  I still use that bad boy today!  Actually used it to stamp all our christmas cards!  I suggest you purchase a self-ink stamp because it’s less messy, and you don’t have to keep inking the stamp every couple times you use it.

personalize wedding invitations

Personalized Tag

A second way that you could personalize wedding invitations is by creating a little tag that goes around the invites like I did.  Your wordage could be whatever you want it to be.  Mine said “Handmade with Love.  Loren + Joshua July 18th, 2014”  It was tied around the wedding invitations so it was hard for.  I also bought a small heart paper punch and had enough room on the tag to punch the heart.

personalize wedding invitations

Personalized Message

Create a 3×3 card with a personalized message on it.  If you have a wedding hashtag, you can make a small 3×3 card to include with your invites encouraging people use that hashtag at the wedding.  My 3×3 card explain that Josh and I were having an unplugged wedding so we asked that guests like their cameras and phones in the purses or pockets.  Maybe this 3×3 card has a professional hand drawn map to your venue if it’s difficult to find.

personalize wedding invitations

I hope you found this post to not only be helpful, but also inspirational.  If you’re looking for more bridal information, click here!



*Photos of my Wedding Invitations were taken by my wedding photographer, Kaitlin Noel Photography from Cape May, New Jersey

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