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If you know me well, you know that I love anything written by Gary Chapman.  I gift the Five Love Languages like it’s my job.  I mean, understanding your partner’s love language is a major key to a successful marriage, so I guess it kinda is my job.

I love Gary Chapman so much, I have been known to purchase his books just based off the fact he wrote them.  I have a book on my bookshelf at this very moment that if someone picked up, they would probably question the state of my marriage.  When the mail lady dropped it off and I actually read the title of the book, I hid it for several weeks.  I didn’t want Josh to see it and think I was preparing for a divorce!  Funny how that worked out though, because in the end, a sweet friend ended up needing Gary’s words in that book and I was able to lend it out!

So back to my obsession with Gary Chapman.  On the same day I purchased Loving Your Spouse When You Feel Like Walking Away, I also purchased 52 Uncommon Dates.  Gary Chapman isn’t the main author of this book, Randy Southern is, but Mr. Chapman did the introduction of the book.  The book also addresses how dates speak to a person’s love language.

We are a week away from Valentine’s Day and I wanted to share my favorite 14 Uncommon Dates that Randy Southern mentions in his book.  Break from your norm of date night and go for the uncommon!

14 Uncommon Dates for Valentine’s Day

The Second First Date

This is an easy one.  How much do you remember of your first date together?  Was it a month ago?  A year ago?  Even decades ago?  Retrace the steps you took on your very first date.  Same restaurant, in the same town if possible.

Josh and I’s first date was to Applebee’s in Wooster on a snow day.  I can recall almost every detail about that date.  Funny – on that day, I don’t know if I would have even considered it a date.  12 years later, I do now!

First Time for Everything Date

Humans are creators of habit.  Change up your routine and do something NEW.  Go to a new city and try out a new restaurant.  Pick something off the menu you’ve never tried before.  Everything about this date is new.

People Watching

This isn’t as “fly-on-the-wall” as it sounds.  Randy Southern encourages those people watching to interact with those they’re watching.  This date is for those couples that are 100% extroverts and can hold a conversation with a brick wall!

The Arcade Date

I’m not going to lie, this one sounds like so much fun to me!  Takes me right back to my childhood when every mall you walked into had an arcade!

A quick google search showed we have a couple in the Canton area.

Chuck E. Cheese
Double Play Arcade in Alliance

If you’re not into the Arcade, you could also do Laser Quest, go to a Casino, or find a local bowling alley!


Find a local night club and put your dancing shows on! If you’re not into the night club scene, create a playlist with all your favorite songs, both fast and slow, turn the music on in your house, and dance until the playlist starts over.  Take a break for pizza, then start all over again!

Get Lost

This is a great uncommon date for those that have trouble stepping outside of their routines and comfort zones.  You can make a list of directions that include 15 steps and attempt to follow the directions as best as possible.  When you get to your destination, take a look around and explore that area.

Or you could simply pull up Google Maps, go to a city/town near by, close your eyes, move your mouse around, and then double click.  Where ever you double clicked, that’s where you start your night!

Home Tours

This is honestly one of my favorite dates with Josh ever.  I love walking through model homes and dreaming.  Dreaming of the partiest we could host, the memories with our children will make, and arguing over paint colors.  For the last 7 years, we rarely agree on paint colors!

The Backrub Date

This is a tricky one, because if you’re (not) careful, that backrub could result in a baby come November.

The Factory Tour Date

If you’re looking for something that you have (more than likely) never done, this is the date for you!  Find a factory that does tours and sign up.  Learning about the process of how something is manufactured rather interesting.

Josh and I have done two tours at the Coors Factory in Golden Colorado, and each time I finish that tour learning something new about the business or how beer is made, packaged, or shipped.

The Skyscraper

This is a great date for those that currently struggling with a dilemma right now.  Heading to the top of the sky gives you some perspective on life.  The author of 52 Uncommon Dates suggests writing down what is bothering you, heading to the top, and talking about it with your spouse.  Once you get to the top, you’re going to look around you and things that once looked and felt so big are now dots on the ground.

A Spontaneous Date

Even though it says “spontaneous” this date will still take some prepping.  You want to pick a day that you both don’t have to worry about deadlines.  After that, make it as spontaneous as possible.

A Trip to the Zoo

Fun fact – I LOVE the Zoo!  Every time we visit a new city, I’m always looking to see how close a zoo or aquarium is!  While the Zoo may be a bit cold in February, find an aquarium and spend the day ohhing at the marine life!

Family Date

This is great for those that have kiddos already.  With it being Valentine’s Day, there are so many sweet things you could plan with the whole family.  Like find a bakery that does cookie decorating.  Or run to the store and buy all the ingredients so you can decorate the cookies in your home.  Make valentine’s together.  Head to the cheap movie theater.  Or my favorite, burn some energy with the kids!  Maybe head to SkyZone or a similar place like it!

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Scroll in your phone to our oldest phone, click your Facebook profile photo and click left, or pull up memories on Facebook that are connected to you and your spouse/significant other.  You clearly don’t want to live your life in the past, but pulling up those old memories are going to spark some emotion and set the stage for some awesome conversations!

I hope you take advantage of one of these uncommon dates.  If you would like to read more about these uncommon dates or read all 52, be sure to order Randy Southern’s book!  Amazon Prime will have it there in two days!


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