Why You Should Credit + How to Credit

Until I started this journey of wedding photographer, I never knew or understood the importance of crediting the creator, the artist behind the magic of the photo.  I simply uploaded the photo, made it my profile picture, and called it good.  While all my friends and family were commenting on how beautiful the photo looked, I never once thought to mention who the photographer was.  And while I never intentionally meant to neglect the artist, I did.  Because I was never taught why crediting the artist is so important.

As someone who does this full time now, I 110% understand the importance that I wish I knew and understood 10 years ago when I had my senior photos taken.  (But let’s be real, only college kids had access to Facebook and we certainly didn’t have print release rights to the digital files to upload them to our Myspace.  My how times have changed.)

My heart jumps for joy when I see my couples use their photos on social media.  Whether it’s profile pictures, celebrating milestones, anniversaries, birthdays – they love their photos so much, they’re sharing them with their friends and family.  Some times, clients will give photo credit, sometimes they won’t.  (Please don’t take this as me yelling at you – i’m totally not!)  I don’t watermark my photos – I use to, but i’ve grown a serioius disdain for watermarks.  Without watermarks on photos, however, your friends and family likely will not know who took your beautiful photos unless they ask you.

Here are a couple ways that you can go about giving your photographer credit on the photos that you share

  1. Simply put Photo Credit: Photographers Business Name on every photo that you share
    *Bonus points if your phone allows you to actually tag the business.  If you’re on your computer, you simple need to type that at symbol (@) and start typing the business name.  It should automatically pop up
    **Double Bonus if you think to add their website to the caption!
  2. Ask your friends and family to do the same if they’re sharing photos
  3. Tag the photographers personal page if you’re friends with them.
    I friend all my Brides to get to know them on a personal level, not for this reason 🙂
  4. If the photographer uses hashtags, use their hashtags in your photos – especailly Instagram because it’ll be added to their collection
    For my business, I use #lorenjacksonphotography #lorenjacksonweddings #lorenjacksonengagements #ljbrides on EVERY photo that I publish that is photography related.
  5. When you’re over the moon excited about your photos, leave your photographer (and other wedding vendors) reviews.  You can do this through WeddingWire, TheKnot, Facebook, or even email so they can add it to their website.

Word of mouth is such a huge marketing tool for many business creatives!  Without your support, creatives would struggle for business and potentionally go out of business.  When you love your photos and share them with your friends on social media, you’ll make your photographer’s (and other credited vendors) day when you credit them.  Plus you’ll have satisfaction when your friends hire the same vendors because you know the type of (AMAZING) experience they are going to recieve!

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