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Loren’s Maternity Leave


A New Season is about to Begin

Gosh…that baby belly!  The first photo was taken on May 27th at Natalie and Joe’s wedding and the last bump photo on October 28th at Stephanie and Andrew’s Peacock Ridge wedding.  My second photographer, Jamie, had the wonderful idea to take a bump photo after every wedding.  While we photographed 25 weddings in 2017, we missed a couple of weddings for that bump shot.  I’m so thankful for Jamie’s idea because I can share with my girl how we rocked a crazy wedding season!

This post seems very surreal to write.  I remember writing our pregnancy announcement like it was yesterday.  Except it wasn’t yesterday.  It was 26 weeks ago.  For a first time mom, that is hard to wrap my head around.  Here we are, at the end of our pregnancy journey, getting ready to meet our little girl.

With this new season of life comes some downtime for this wedding photographer.  I’ll be taking time off and away from my computer while I adjust to being a mommy and bonding with my little girl.  Our world is about to get rocked in the best way possible, and I need to give this season of life 100% of my attention.

So here’s what you can expect from me while on maternity leave:

Email Communication

I might regret admitting this, but I’m a freak about my email during business hours.  So many mentors teach about only answering emails one to two hours a day and closing out of it so you’re able to focus on other tasks throughout the day.  Not this girl.  During business hours, my email is always open and I’ve been known to respond to emails within seconds of receiving them when I’m sitting down at my desk.  While on maternity leave, email correspondence will be delayed.  I don’t know how long it’ll be delayed, I just know that my 12-hour turn around time for email isn’t going to happen.  So please be patient with me when it takes a couple days to hear back.  I promise I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth and will get back to you!

Blog Posts

I’ve been working on pre-blogging in my “spare” time this last month and have some awesome topics that Brides and Creatives can look forward to while I’m snuggling my newborn.  These are all scheduled, so while it may seem like I’m active on social media, I’ve just done all the legwork to make it look that way!

Social Media

That legwork I mentioned above?  Yea, it pays to have systems in place so you don’t look like you’ve closed your doors and shut off all the lights.  Facebook posts are scheduled with CoSchedule or directly in Facebook, and my Instagram will still have plenty of pretty thanks to Planoly!  I can’t wait to share with everyone a recap of the year!  I’m even more excited that everything is scheduled out already!

Baby Photos

One of the only times I’ll probably have my phone in my hand is to share photos of our Charlotte Grace.  There will be plenty of professional photos of our sweet girl thanks to birth photography, a lifestyle newborn session, and a studio newborn session.  I’m so excited for Mari from The Seed Photography and Krista from Krista Brown Photography to work their magic on our sweet girl.  I’m already setting money aside for prints and albums of Charlotte’s photos!  I created a family account on Instagram, and that’s probably where you’ll be able to find 90% of the photos!

Josh and I are equally excited and nervous about this new season of life.  We look forward to navigating the waters of parenthood together and can’t wait to meet our baby girl!  Thank you for being patient with me while I learn the new ropes of a being a mommy, and adjusting to all the demands a baby brings!  “See” you again in March after my leave is up!


  1. Jamie says:

    Ahhh! I’m so glad you agreed to the photos! I love them!! Praying for you all as you begin to navigate new waters! I can’t wait to meet your Charlotte Grace!

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