The Artwork Invitation | A New Wedding Experience for Ohio Brides

The wedding day has come to an end and newlyweds are left with a whirlwind of emotions. They just walked hand in hand through the best day of their life. Fast forwarded to a month after the wedding. The LJ Bride will walk into her home and relive her wedding day with beautiful art hanging on her walls.

There are some changes coming to Loren Jackson Photography & I’m so excited to tell you more about it today!!

Weddings before the Artwork Invitation

Before introducing the Artwork Invitation in January 2019, my couples would simply receive their gallery of images.  Those images then live in the gallery and those beautiful memories are then stuck on an electronic device. Nine times out of 10, the images never to see the light of day.  Unless they added an album.

I get it.  I really do.  I remember that season of life.

The newlywed life is busy.  It’s overwhelming.  It’s so full of joy.  But the to-do list is long. There are thank you cards to be written. A house needs to be made a home. And let’s not forget the painstaking task of changing the last name. The last thing a couple prioritizes is printing their memories and creating beautiful art to place in their home. A bride is left feeling defeated.  All she has to show off her dream wedding day is digital images on her phone.

Let’s be real.  Deciding what art to hang in a home is already an overwhelming process.  There are so many subpar websites promising the best quality for low prices.  But is the quality really all that’s cracked up to be?  Or will the colors fade after a year?  Will the corners begin to curl in?  Will the binding on the album come apart?

Having photos on a gallery is great for sharing on the go. But what about wanting to remember the happiest day of your life while you’re cuddling on the couch, hitting play on the next episode of Shameless?  Wouldn’t life be much grander if you are able to look up at a 30×40 canvas?  Your memories of your wedding day are now triggered.  You’ll reminisce on your first look.  You’ll get butterflies in your stomach and a smile on your face.  Then you’ll roll over and kiss your husband before diving back into your fifth straight episode of our favorite dysfunctional family in Chicago!

I stood in those shoes five years ago. I remember that defeat all too well.  It was overwhelming deciding which photos to hang on my wall or include in my heirloom album. It took three years to design my wedding album.  But, if I would have made the investment with our photographer…a completely different story. That season of life was busy; designing an album never seemed to make it on the to-do list.

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The Artwork Invitation

I recognized this dilemma and restructured my business to meet this desire to have art in homes.  It was time to better the experience for my LJ Brides.

Gone are the days of Brides and Grooms feeling overwhelmed and anxious. (Okay – maybe more so the Bride than the Groom – let’s be honest here!)  Worried that what they choose to order will be too small for their wall space.  Or that the quality of the product will be less than stellar for their home.  Gone are the days of memories being trapped in an online gallery.  When those memories belong on walls and designed beautifully and professionally in albums.

The Artwork Invitation now gives my couples the opportunity to live with their wedding day memories hanging in their home as art. A literal shopping spree is included with every collection.  This allows the couple to pick and choose what memories will be daily reminders of their wedding day.  The best part of the Artwork Invitation, I am able to guide a couple in choosing the perfect art to include in their home. Art that showcases the absolute joy and excitement of finally being married.

The Process of the Artwork Invitation

I’m all about making life easy for my couples.  I don’t believe in adding any more stress to their wedding planning.  So the process of the Artwork Invitation is rather simple.  The amount a couple spends on their collection is the same amount they receive in credit to order their artwork.

Within 10 days of the wedding, my couples will be back in my consult room ready to view their wedding photos.  TEN DAYS OF BEING MARRIED!!!  I mean, that kind of turn around time is unheard of! 

Once comfortable with a glass of sweet tea in their hands, we start the slideshow and marvel at the beauty that happened less than two weeks prior.  The slideshow ends and we’ll comb through the photos picking out all the favorites.  Those favorites will then get narrowed down to photos that will hang on the walls of homes and spend decades cuddled into an heirloom album!

I’m beyond excited that newly booked brides of 2019 and all of my 2020 Brides have this opportunity.  Wrapping up the wedding experience with tangible memories instead of digital may just make my heart explode!

If you would like this experience for your wedding, contact me while your date may still be available!  

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Grateful for Erin and Marco teaching their ways on providing a one of a kind experience for my couples!!



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