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The Quarry Golf Course Wedding | Scott + Heather

The Quarry Golf Course Wedding

Blush wrap dresses, peonies and ranunculus bouquet, a classic old church, and a delicious donut wall! All ways you could remember Sunday’s wedding in Canton Ohio!

I think my favorite way to remember this Quarry Golf Course wedding from a busy triple header holiday wedding weekend would be Scott reading Heather’s letter in front of her.

It was a simple miscommunication. Scott thought he was suppose to wait to read what Heather wrote to him until the ceremony. When he found out Heather already read what Scott wrote, they figured what better time to read it then right after their first look.

This intimate moment and a memory I’ll carry with me for years to come may just be the start of a new wedding tradition. It was so sweet to witness the interaction between Scott and Heather as he read the promises Heather made to him. Just the two of them (plus us photographers capturing it all), no audience watching their every move.

Heather and Scott – thank you for allowing me to capture all the wonderful moments from your wedding day! I hope you’re having the best of time in paradise on your honeymoon!