June 13, 2019

Creating a Wedding Registry as Unique as You

Creating a Wedding Registry as Unique as You

Planning a wedding comes with plenty of tasks to complete. One of the most fun but challenging tasks is registering for gifts. While this might sound like something that is no big deal, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Your registry contains the items that are supposed to help you transition into your married life. So you want to make sure the registry is a collection of items that reflects who you are as a couple. Here are some ideas of what you can include depending on the type of couple you are and what interests you have! 

For the Artsy Couple

Whether you’re an admirer of art or artists yourselves, including a canvas to adorn your new home is a great idea for your registry. Not only is art a great investment for a newlywed couple, but it also provides a statement piece that can set the tone for your new home. If you want something a little more personal, ask your closest friends or family members to contact your photographer to work on getting a canvas made from one of your favorite wedding or engagement photos to decorate your home. 

Family Crest by Simply Jessica Marie

For the Athletes

If fitness is extremely important to you, add some at-home gym equipment to your registry. Not only will this save you money in the long run by potentially avoiding some gym memberships, but you can turn your separate workout routines into a way to stay bonded post-wedding. Who better to keep you motivated than your new spouse?  

For the Film Buffs

Everyone loves movie night. If you’re serious about movies and the way you watch them, consider adding some upgrades to your registry. A better sound system can make your home feel like a movie theater. And having the right sofa will make the experience even better than fidgeting on your old uncomfortable one. Now all you need is a professional movie theater grade popcorn popper and you’re ready to go.

For the Adventurers 

For the couple that loves to travel, take the opportunity your registry presents to make traveling easier. Smart luggage has become extremely popular over the last few years because of the convenience they offer. Due to their portable batteries, there are plenty of options for you to research and choose from.

For the Foodies

Who doesn’t love food? If you and your soon-to-be spouse are willing to try new foods and experiment in the kitchen, there are so many options for your registry. Browsing around any kitchen-themed store will give you a good idea at the variety of gadgets at your disposal. If you don’t already own a standing mixer, that’s a great place to start. If you do, look into attachments, like the pasta maker. It can open you up to a whole new world of food fun! 

For the Party Hosts

Getting married and having a home to yourselves opens you to more possibilities of entertaining your friends and family. Before you have them all over for your first big house party as newlyweds, you’ll want to make sure to have the necessities. Your registry is a great place to include them. Serving plates and utensils for food, seating options and even the tools for a properly stocked bar are all great options for your registry that’ll make you a great host. 

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