Eight Mistakes Brides Make Planning Their Outside Wedding

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For many Brides, having an outside wedding is more appealing than having the ceremony inside of a church and the reception at an elegant venue.  Josh and I got married outside at The Grand Barn at the Mohicans, and our dancing part of the reception was on the deck overlooking the ceremony location.

We’ll be married four this July, and after photographing numerous weddings that at least the ceremony was located outside, I’ve noticed eight mistakes Brides often make when planning their wedding.  Let’s talk about those today!

Eight Mistakes Brides Make When Planning Their Outside Wedding

1. There’s No Plan B

Maybe you’re a go with the flow kind of girl, but when it comes to your wedding, you need a Plan B if you’re planning to have anything outside.  Including your photos.  Having a Plan B in place in the event that it rains on your wedding day will keep you from wanting to go full out Bridezilla on anyone who asks you a question.  Let’s avoid awaken the dragon, and let’s come up with a Plan B.

2. Ceremony Start Time is Too Early or Too Late

There’s a lot that goes into the start time of your ceremony.  But if your ceremony is going to be outside, you want to make sure you have a ceremony where the sun is lower in the sky.  The lower the sun, the more you’ll be able to avoid harsh shadows on your faces, squinting for you, your groom, and everyone else, and even cooler temps.  Here’s a great blog post I wrote a couple years ago talking about ceremony start times for each season.  You might find it helpful!

3. Not Providing Bug Spray and SPF for Bridal Party and Guests

While we’re on the topic of the sun, let’s talk about providing sunscreen for your guests to avoid getting a sunburn.  This is helpful for those who don’t get outside a lot or have a tendency to burn.  Brides should also consider providing bug spray for guests.  There’s nothing worse than getting eaten alive when you’re trying to enjoy a good time!  Mosquitos are total buzzkills!  No pun intended! 😉

4. Wrong types of food

If you’re having a summer wedding outside, you might want to reconsider serving foods that spoil when they get warm.  Macaronie Salad and Potatoe Salad are prime examples that if sat in the heat for too long, they’ll go bad and could even give someone food poison.  Keeping food on icebaths will only work while the ice is still cold and not melted.  So keep that in mind, as well!

5. Icing on the Cake

Have you ever attended a wedding that was hot and humid and the icing on the cake literally melted?  Without proper education, a Bride isn’t going to know that certain icings do not hold up well to a hot summers day.  This is where having a naked cake comes into play or having a cake with fondant.

6. Having Plenty of Water for Your Guests

A total buzz kill to a great party is not having enough water on a hot summer day for your guests to stay hydrated. I witnessed a Groom nearly pass out at his wedding because of the heat!  A couple minute break and two bottles of water, he was a brand new man!

7. Shelter (Tents)

It’s one thing to have your ceremony outside with no cover (as long as you have a backup plan in case of rain.  See number 1!), but to have no shelter for the reception is rather risky.  Tents can be an added investment that you weren’t planning on spending, and maybe didn’t even have it budgeted.  If you’re at all considering an outside reception, I would put a tent on reserve!  Better to be safe than sorry!

8. Attire

Attire can be an issue not only for the groomsmen but also the Bride.  I’ve seen summer weddings where the Groom and his guys are in full suits or tuxes and it’s 90* with 100% humidity.  Without proper hydration, it’s not uncommon for someone to become light-headed on a wedding day.  There are numerous solutions to this, but one of the easiest is simply do not have the guys wear coats for their attire.  A vest or suspenders help dress up the attire without it feeling too casual.

These eight mistakes that brides make when planning their outside wedding are common, but can also be an added stress on a wedding day if not thought through carefully enough.

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