Wedding Rules You SHOULD Follow on Your Wedding Day

15 wedding rules every bride should follow

When it comes to planning a wedding, there’s not too much that a Bride and Groom can’t do on their wedding day.  Weddings are becoming extravagant parties with little regard to traditions that our parents had at their wedding 30 plus years ago.  There are, however, certain wedding rules that Brides should follow on their day to keep the day as stressfree as possible.Wedding Rules to Follow on Your Wedding Day

1. Set a budget (small purchases add up)

It’s easy to set a budget for all the big ticket expenses when planning a wedding.  The venue, Photographer, Videographer, Florals, and Catering.  But what a lot of Brides do not realize is that it’s not the big expenses that explode a budget, but instead the small items.  The added candy bar, the cute decorations for the cake table, gifts for the bridal party.

2.Bridal Party Budget (dresses to parties)

Weddings are expensive just not for the Bride and Groom, but also their bridal party.  At your age, everyone is getting married right now, so it wouldn’t be uncommon to find someone in the bridal party who is in more than one wedding this summer.  And ladies, no matter how many times you say yourself that your girls can wear their dress more than once, are they really?  So be considerate when it comes to the cost of the dresses, demanding that they all have the same $75 pair of high heel shoes and $150 hair and makeup.

3. Send a save the date to someone?  Have to send an invite

Save the dates are a great way to let friends and family that you have picked a date and that they should mark it on the calendar! But don’t forget who you sent those save the dates to because you also will need to send them a formal invitation.  Otherwise, you’re just getting their hopes up.

4. No new facial products two weeks before the wedding

Makeup Artists can work magic on covering up blemishes that literally appear the night before you walk down the aisle.  What they can’t cover up is an allergic reaction you have to know a new facial product you try out just a handful of days before.  So, stick to your daily routine, and don’t add any new products the weeks leading up to your big day!

5. No crazy spray tan

To go along with number four, you also don’t want to look like an Oompa Loompa on your wedding day.

6. Seating Charts (or at least reserved seating)

One item on a Bride’s to-do list that will cause her the greatest amount of stress is going to be a seating chart.  Things become even more complicated when parents are divorced and remarried and they don’t see eye to eye with one another.  If you want to eliminate some stress in this process, designate tables for the parents and the grandparents, and everyone else can find a table they like.  The younger crowd will want a table close to the dance floor or bar, while the older crowd will probably pick a table in a quiet corner to catch up with a family member they haven’t seen since the last wedding.

7. Take care of Vendors (no vendor meals)

When you hire a professional for your wedding day, they are investing a lot of energy and time into going above and beyond to make your day the best it can be.  Don’t repay them for all their hard work by letting your catering staff give them cold deli sandwiches (that set out allll day…yes…that DOES happen!) for dinner.  You also want to make sure they have a table in the main dining area so they don’t miss any special events.

8. Love your photographer

Aside from a planner that you may hire, the only other vendor you spend the majority of your wedding day with is your photographer.  You want to make sure that you like that person and just not the photos that they can produce.  If you’re uncomfortable with that person, that emotion is going to transfer into your photos which will lead you to not liking them.  And I think we can all agree that your photos are very important.

9. Be able to sit in your dress

You want to feel beautiful in your wedding gown, but you also want to be comfortable.  So when you’re dress shopping, be sure you can not only breathe in your dress but also SIT!

10.Say no to uncomfortable heels

Sticking with the fashion trend, ditch those heels!  Unless you’re a goddess that lives in heels, your feet are going to ache by the end of the day.  With a long gown, those beautiful foot killers won’t even show in your photos.

11. First Look Decision

First looks have quickly become a new tradition to a wedding day.  75% of my couples have a first look and 100% of those couples have never regretted that decision!  Be sure that whatever decision you and your fiance make in regards to the first look, it is your decision.  Our parents are still living in the 1980s and think it’s bad luck to see each other before the ceremony.  Do yourself a favor and read this link in where that tradition originally originated from.  Still think it’s romantic?

12. Don’t feel pressure about reception traditions

Don’t want to do the dollar dance?  Or the bouquet toss?  Then don’t.  This is your wedding.  In the end, your guests may actually thank you.  It’s the older crowd that enjoys watching the single ladies dive bombing for a bouquet of flowers, or standing in line for their chance to have an awkward conversation for 30 seconds while a popular love song plays.  If you want to do something that the entire crowd will enjoy, consider playing the shoe game!

13. EAT!

Don’t make the mistake of not eating.  I never understood when people who have been married for a couple of years say they didn’t get to enjoy their dinner.  It literally boggles my mind, because, on my wedding day, nothing was stopping me from enjoying a delicious meal with my new husband for the greatest celebration of our life!

14. Go with the flow

Something will ultimately go wrong on your wedding day.  It’s Murphy’s Law of Wedding Planning – where there’s a wedding, there will be a problem. The best thing you can do is just go with the flow.  Because at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is you are now married to the love of your life.

15. Send Thank Yous

One long-standing tradition that should never go away is sending thank you cards.  Whether you send cards that have a photo from your wedding day or generic cards, take the time to thank your guests for attending your wedding and their generous gift.

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