Improving the Client Experience: Four Must-Haves You Need on your Website

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Last week, my new site design went live.  Thanks to Davey and Krista, this new site is simple, yet beautiful.  And I needed a clutter-free, straight to the point site for my brides and brides-to-be.  I knew going into the design process with Krista, there were certain things my website must have to improve the client experience.  I’ve been on the other end of the search for a photographer several times now, and I know what I found frustrating in my own quest.  So I wanted to make sure I addressed my own concerns with my new site!

Six Must-Haves You Need on your Website

1. Picture of Yourself

When I’m looking to hire someone for our family photos (or when I was on the search for a birth photographer), I wanted to see a photo of the person who I would be spending time with.  I wanted to look into their eyes, see their smile, and connect with them before I even reached out.  Having a relationship with the photographer that I’m trusting to capture precious memories for me is so important!

wedding photographer akron ohio

2. Contact Info

Yes, you hope that prospective clients will use your contact form to inquire.  But what if for some reason, your form isn’t working?  You could potentially lose a customer that is willing to pay for your service.  It’s always smart to have your email listed on your website.  Two popular spots are on your contact page, or in the footer of your website.  Having it listed in both places isn’t going to hurt anything, either.

wedding photographer akron ohio

3. Social Media Accounts Linked

Unless you blog your sessions or weddings, a good way to let prospective clients view your work is on your social media accounts.  Make sure clients can easily find those on your website, but also make sure the links work!  Common places to link to social media is at the top in your menu and at the footer of your website!

wedding photographer akron ohio

4. FAQs

This is always a big one for me!  I noticed when searching for a birth photographer, I couldn’t find the answer to a lot of my questions on their website.  So I went looking for an FAQ section.  More times than not, there wasn’t an FAQ section on their website.  I very much believe in the school of thought that it is impossible to share too much information (in a pretty way, of course).  I want Brides to be informed about the experience I provide them before they even email me!

wedding photographer akron ohio

5. Pricing

This is going to be a tricky one.  Some photographers display all their pricing information, some give a starting point, others mention the average investment, and some don’t talk about pricing at all.  It really depends on where you stand in your business model.  There are pros and cons to not talking about pricing or talking about pricing. If you mention pricing, then that’s giving someone an idea if you’re in their budget.  You won’t get emails from potential clients that can’t afford you.  On the flip side, if you don’t mention anything about pricing, more times than not, someone is going to assume you’re out of their price range and leave your site.

6. Service Area

It may seem obvious to you what area you live in, or a radius where you’ll photograph a session or wedding, but leave the guessing game out for those searching for your service.  It’s also a good way to rank on google for that area!  At the top of my website, in the header area, prospectives Brides will see “Based out of Akron, Ohio”

wedding photographer akron ohio



I’m sure like me, you have had to hire a photographer before.  The things that you may have found frustrating, are they addressed on your own website?  How have you improved the client experience for your prospective clients now that it’s your turn to offer a service?


Another big thank you to Davey and Krista for building such a beautiful site!!  Click here to see their Showit templates! 


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