Helpful Facebook Groups for Photographers

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Helpful Facebook Groups for Photographers

When you’re a new photographer you have zero money to pay for education so you’re checking out youtube, and google is your best friend.  Something you may not have thought to look for are groups on Facebook that are full of photographers.  I’m in SEVERAL groups, some that are exclusive, but must groups any one can join.

You want to make sure you’re joining helpful Facebook groups.  The keyword here is helpful.  There are several groups out there with spiteful people, and as a newbie you’re going to make some mistakes in your technique, but the last thing you want is someone thinking you’re never going to make it in the big time.  Because I can promise you that same person who is trying to crash your dreams once made the very same mistakes they’re criticizing you for.

So here are my top five helpful Facebook groups for photographers:

1 – The Rising Tide Society

The Rising Tide Society is probably the most helpful Facebook groups for photographers out there.  It’s a group of creatives, so there’s more than photographers, but the group is built on this idea of #communityovercompetition.  Creatives join this group to be supportive.  Not to rip your heart out of your chest and burn your dreams.

2 – Your Local Tuesday Together Group

The Rising Tide Society organizes monthly meetings all across the world.  Find your local group, click here to see the map of the local groups, and request to join.  This is a great way to find local vendors to collaborate on, or if you’re an inexperienced photographer, you’ll be able to keep your eye out for a photographer looking for an assistant.  You never know, this could be your big break!  Here is Canton’s Tuesday Together Group.

3 – Shoot and Share

When I first found the Shoot and Share group, I was very new to the photography world.  I don’t even know if I was shooting on manual yet.  I almost never posted in this group, but I read, A LOT!  In the beginning, this was the most helpful Facebook groups for photographers that I found.  I would later come across Pixieset Users which can be even more helpful in asking questions about techniques with photos.

4 – Photography SEO and Marketing

Here’s a Facebook group that will teach you a thing or two about SEO (search engine optimization).  If you want to rank on google with your website, I highly suggest you join this group and start reading the posts.  And then click on the links that get posted and read those.  It’ll help you immensely!

5 – Product Groups

These are groups that you may or may not be able to join.  My product groups include KJ Education, The KJ Consistency Course Pixifi, The Academy, Showiteers, Tuesday Together Leaders, and Canon Gear just to name a few.  These are groups that are created for people who have purchased a product or have direct affiliation with the product.  If you have attended a Katelyn James Workshop or purchased her Consistency Course, you get access to her education tribe, and this has been an INCREDIBLY helpful Facebook group for photographers!  Everyone in the two groups are so helpful and kind!  Pixifi is my client management group, and the creator/owner, Tim, is ALWAYS answering questions.  You want fast customer service, sign up for Pixifi and get in this group!

If you’re looking for a little encouragement or free education, I highly suggest you join one of the helpful Facebook groups for photographers!  There are more specific groups for specializations so do a little group research or join one of these groups and ask what their favorite newborn photography group is, or their go-to group for legal advice.

If you’re a photographer and you found this post helpful, click here for more free education


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