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now booking 2022!
Very limited fall availability in 2021

now booking 2022!
Very limited fall availability in 2021

I Might Be the Photographer for You If…

Hello, engagement season! What a fun time this is for not only couples getting engaged, but also wedding vendors!

Our inboxes are dinging every few seconds with new Brides seeking services for their wedding day. They’re on the hunt to find the right fit, one specific vendor in each field that will shape and help make their wedding day what they always dreamed it would be!

After choosing your wedding venue, hiring a wedding photographer is the next most important vendor to book. This is the only vendor that will be able to give you tangible artwork that will last, no matter what technology looks like in 50 years.

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Choosing a photographer is no easy task. There are many styles out there, and each photographer provides a different experience. Want to know if you and I will be a good match?

I might be the Photographer for You if…

…having an heirloom wedding album that beautifully tells your story is important to you.

…photos that are lighter in color are your jam. (No dark and moody over here)

…you want your wedding day to be stress-free, and the last thing you want to feel is rushed on the biggest day of your life thus far.

…creating a relationship with your photographer is important. After all, you want joyful photos to display in your home and the best way to feel comfortable in front of the camera is to be BFFs with your photographer!

…photos are very important to you and you understand this is just not an investment today, but 50 years down the road.

…you trust the creative vision your photographer has.

…passing down your wedding photos and heirloom album to your children is important to you, and you understand for that to happen, quality must be purchased.

…you envision your wedding photo on display at your children’s wedding. And someday your grandchildren’s wedding.

…the moment you’re looking forward to most is when you see your soon-to-be husband for the first time during your first look. You can’t wait for that moment to be just yours.

…you don’t let the hiccups ruin your joy. You understand that not everything will go as planned and that the only thing that matters is you’ll be married by the end of the day.

..the empty wall space in your home will be filled with your photos from your engagement session and wedding day. You no longer need to buy meaningless art from Hobby Lobby because you have your very own custom pieces.

…you find inspiration from Pinterest, but you don’t expect your wedding day to look exactly the same way.

…heirloom items incorporated into your wedding day is important to you. Your grandmother’s diamond earrings she wore on her wedding day, you will also wear. A piece of your mom’s gown is sown into yours. A necklace from your great-grandmother is wrapped around your wedding bouquet.

…the thought of a guest not fully enjoying the day breaks your heart. You want them to unplugged and be fully present with you on your wedding day.

So…? Are we a good fit?

Choosing the perfect wedding photographer for your day is a daunting task. If you feel I’m the right photographer for you, let’s chat! Dates are booking quickly with limited dates remaining for this year.

Wanting some valuable resources to help plan your wedding? Be sure to click here!

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