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About a year ago, creatives in the wedding industry were pleading for a change in the submission process of weddings, sessions, and styled shoots.  We needed something that made our lives easier and was less of a hassle when it came to submitting our creative talents to show off to a broader audience.  When you’re an entrepreneur, your time is PRECIOUS!  Time is money, friends, so when submitting a wedding to a blog for submission takes longer than 30 minutes, you begin to wonder if it’s really worth your time.

The gals at Aisle Society heard everyone’s pleas and developed a plan.  That plan eventually morphed into Matchology, and let me just tell you right now, it’s incredible.

Before I dive into why Matchology is the best thing since sliced bread, let’s take a moment to review some key reasons why you want to submit your work for publication:

Why Submitting Your Work for Publication is Important

  1. First and foremost, when your work is submitted on a national blog, backlinks are created that direct users to your website.  This is important because it boosts your SEO (search engine optimization).  If you know nothing about SEO, know this – it’s how prospective clients find you when they search for a vendor on Google.
  2. Clients may not care if you’re a published artist, but it gives you creditability that your work is worth the investment!  Plus it’s an added bonus to the client experience when you get to email them and say “CONGRATULATIONS!  Your beautiful wedding day is getting exposure on the national level!  You may soon find your images going viral on Pinterest!”
  3. When you are published, the national blogs will share your work (and that of the other vendors involved) on their social media accounts which means the potential for new followers, which also means the potential for new clients!
  4. The vendors that you worked with will love you for taking the time to submit their creative work that they pour their own precious time into!

Now, let’s chat a few minutes about why I love Matchology, so MUCH…already!

Matchology – A New Submission Platform

Full disclaimer, I was a backer for Matchology when they launched their Kickstarter campaign.  I instantly saw the value in this new photo submission platform and got excited…very excited.  The previous system that I used was tedious, time-consuming, and would sometimes take literally months to hear back from blogs whether my work was a match for their own aesthetic.  Already, less than 24 hours into using Matchology, I can happily say it has none of those traits.

5 Reasons Why Loren Loves Matchology

  • The interface/dashboard for this submission platform is EASY to understand and navigate!  You’re not left questioning what your next step is.  It’s clean and well organized, which makes for a quick workflow submitting weddings or sessions.
  • Editors accept already uploaded galleries from PASS, Pixiset, Dropbox, and SmugMug.  Gone are the days of waiting for photos to upload to a submission platform that is time-consuming.  Copy and paste that URL into the box and BAM…what use to take 30 or more minutes now takes SECONDS!
  • Matchology asks for specific tags that describe your submission that literally matches your submission to blogs.  All the guesswork of trying to find the “perfect fit” for your wedding, session, or styled shoot is eliminated thanks to the matching capabilities.  This means that you’re less likely to get those dreaded rejection emails.  Which means that you’re spending less time resubmitting your work after it’s been rejected
  • Adding vendors has never been easier.  It’s in a list format and takes about half the time to add vendors this way than with my old submission platform.
  • In the time that it used to take me to submit just ONE wedding before, I can now submit THREE weddings with Matchology!  HELLO TIME SAVER!!  Instead of focusing 45 minutes or more trying to submit just one wedding, I’m spending about 15 minutes.  Those new found 30 minutes can be put use completing other tasks.  Or at 30 weeks pregnant, taking a nap! 😉

I’m so excited to continue using Matchology.  I’m excited to see where this submission platform goes from here, and even more excited to see more blogs jump on the Matchology wagon!

Click here if you want to start a 30-day free trial!


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