We Have Something to Share :)

This blog post seems surreal to type.  Josh and I have kept our beautiful secret off of social media for the last six weeks.  A secret that so many people I’m sure by now are expecting for us to share.  Because every time I have a blog post that hints to this topic, my blog numbers go through the roof.  

So what’s our big news?

Are we moving?  Maybe to a bucket list destination?  Packing all are valuables, selling the rest and leaving Ohio?

No.  But I am going to end up decluttering again!

Did Josh finally cave and let me buy another Rottweiler?  Another ball of fur that is full of love and loyalty?

I wish, but sadly, no.  Now certainly would be the perfect time to welcome another puppy!

Did one of us make a big career change?  Am I leaving wedding photography?  Is Josh getting a big promotion?

Not even in the slightest.  We’re quite satisfied with our careers.

So…what’s the big news?

No moving.  No new Rottweiler.  No career changes.

Something so much better.


Gosh…I can’t even believe I just typed those words!  Seems so surreal.  And even today after a couple of appointments to confirm the pregnancy and a beautiful ultrasound, it still seems like a dream.

I remember how disappointed and sad I was when we missed our window last spring for a baby.  It was heartbreaking really.  I’m a planner so when my plans didn’t work out last spring – I was devastated.

Funny how God works.

Fast forward to this spring.  As we began to approach our window for the second time, I discovered a new feeling in my heart.  A feeling I certainly didn’t feel last year.  The feeling this year can be described as contentment.

A week before a positive pregnancy test appeared on my bathroom sink, Josh and I had a discussion.  This discussion consisted of waiting another year to have a baby.  We said we would spend the next year traveling.  Officially paying off the rest of our debt.  Build our future on a more stable foundation to better provide for our future family.  I even told several friends the week before we found out that I wanted to wait another year for a baby.

Loren Jackson Photography www.lorenjacksonphotography.com

“Want to make God laugh?  Tell him your plans.”

Jokes on us.  Because at the time of those discussions, we were already pregnant.  We just didn’t know it yet.  It’s funny how God works and then laughs at us when we make our own plans in life.

While Josh and I thought we weren’t ready to grow our family, God knew better.  Ready or not, it’s sink or swim time.  Because some time at the beginning of December, we’re going to welcome a new baby and we’ll no longer just be Dog Parents!

The First Trimester

Since we found out the evening of March 30th – literally a week after Joshua turned 29, I’ve experienced nearly every first-trimester symptom there is.  Nausea, food cravings/aversions, extreme fatigue, and heartburn.  Oh lord.  The heartburn already!  This sweet baby of mine better come out with pigtails with the amount of heartburn I’ve already experienced!  The only “symptom” that hasn’t shown up is the crazy mood swings.  But I’m sure those are coming!

I’ve craved anything from watermelon to french toast to Napoli’s pizza.  If you saw my Facebook posts and thought “She sounds like a pregnant woman!”, you weren’t wrong!  The french toast is all my grandma’s fault!  She’s the one who called one day and said she was having that for breakfast.  Since then, nothing sounds as amazing as french toast for breakfast!

We’re so excited for this next journey together.  I’ve known this for a long time, but Joshua is going to make an amazing daddy, and I can’t wait to watch him step into this new role.

Please say some extra prayers for me!  2017 is by far my busiest wedding season ever, and I get to conquer the season pregnant!


  1. Aw Loren, Randy + I are SO thrilled and excited for you and Josh. Congratulations you guys! xoxoxo

  2. Congratulations!! So excited to follow along on your journey to motherhood!

  3. Congratulations! How sweet! Welcoming a new baby is so exciting and wonderful! All the best to your husband!

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