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The KJ Consistency Course

The KJ Consistency Course


The second Tuesday in November Katelyn James held a webinar on Split Toning in Lightroom.  I know because it was a Tuesday Together meeting night and a Debate night, and I remember thinking it was going to be a busy evening!  Just the little information that she showed on how to better edit a photo I knew would helpful in my post process.  At the end of the webinar, KJ announces that her and her husband, Michael, who is also her second shooter and business partner, are launching an online course – The KJ Consistency Course.

Katelyn explained what would be taught in the six week course.  She would teach her editing secrets and how to be more consistent in our businesses.

I’ve followed her ever since her name was mentioned that she was a great educator in our industry, I’ve read A LOT of Katelyn’s blog posts, heard her speak at two conferences in 2015, and even had the pleasure of sitting in her office for a coaching session last June.

I honestly went into this course wondering if I was going to learn anything beneficial and knowing I bought this course for the sole reason that Katelyn freaking James was teaching her first 6 week course online.  I was must certainly say i’m part of her Education Tribe.  I’m that person that jumps on right away, no questions asked.  I’m that person.  But friends, let me tell you…Katelyn has SO MUCH to teach.  And I learned SO MUCH more than I thought.

So allow me to give you my top take aways from the KJ Consistency Course and why when she releases the course again you NEED to sign up!

Loren’s Take-Aways from the KJ Consistency Course

  1. Sorting the Day into Subfolders
    Before the KJ Consistency Course I sorted the day in Lightroom using the different colors.  It worked, but it wasn’t always efficient.  It wasn’t fast.  With what KJ taught, instead of dividing the day up like I use to, each part of the day will have their own folder on the hard drive.
  2. Editing
    I use to LOVE my editing style.  Thought that it was clean and classic looking.  Well it wasn’t as clean and classic as I thought.  Allow me to show you a couple examples.KJ Consistency Course, Photographer Akron Ohio, Photography EducationThe photo on the left is a headshot that I edited (so already edited, not straight out of camera [SOOC]) in May after my Promo Shoot.  The photo on the right is editing with the KJ secrets!  My skin tone is so off, I look like I have a horrible spray tan, there are places in my dress that are very heavy, or dark, and the greens don’t look green, they look yellow.  Well friends, the KJ Consistency Course taught me how to fix all those issues.  Split toning for me is definitely going to be the biggest game changer.  I use to fix skin tones by warming up the photo.  Goodness how wrong I was.  I learned the correct way to fix skin tones and it certainly isn’t adjusting the warmth!

Here’s another photo from my last wedding of 2015 that is SOOC, and below it is edited with what I learned from the course.

KJ Consistency Course, Photographer Akron Ohio, Photography EducationKJ Consistency Course, Photographer Akron Ohio, Photography Education

Gosh, not only are Carlo and Angie just GORGEOUS people, but that photo is to die for!!!!

3. Recognizing Problems
With the KJ Consistency Course, I not only have photos that I love the editing style, but I can also recognize the problems with a photo right out camera.  Say my Bride and Groom are standing in a VERY green area.  In the summer time, this is very common in Ohio, I am now able to fix the green tones and still have a photo that is clean and classic without crazy presets that I had to purchase.

4. Workflow
One of my goals for 2016 was to provide an even better experience for my Bride and Grooms.  Because of KJ’s 48 workflow, I KNOW that perfecting it and making it my own, will benefit everyone involved!

5. Client Experience
“If you’re Clients are getting exactly what they expect, that’s exactly what you don’t want” – Katelyn
I LOVE this quote from KJ!  I want my Brides to be blown away by every aspect of their experience with me.  I don’t want them to expect the norm.  My LJBrides deserve so much more than that, and I know with tips from Katelyn the client experience is just going to get that much better!

BONUS to purchasing the KJ Consistency Course – Being able to watch Katelyn’s talk at UNITED Fall 2015!  Goodness, I remember sitting in the front row in that cold conference room and feel my heart beating out of my chest.  Everything she had to say that day hit so close to home, and it’s exactly what I needed to hear.  This was such an amazing surprise to open up the final lesson and realize it’s the talk from UNITED!  I squealed so loud that my fur babies had that head tilt going on.  Thanks for this wonderful surprise, Katelyn!!!

If you’re wanting to learn the same secrets that I learned with the winter course, sign up for Katelyn’s newsletter so when she opens up the second class for the KJ Consistency Course, you don’t miss out.  It’s so worth the investment.  Maybe if you’re struggling to come up with the money, hold a day worth of mini sessions so pay for the cost.  Because I promise you, that after you finish the six weeks, your return investment is going to be so much more then what you paid for the course!  You won’t be disappointed!

Read Katelyn’s post here about what creating the KJ Consistency Course was like for her, Michael, Tyler, and Emily

A big thanks to Katelyn and Michael for giving photographers the chance to make a positive impact on our Bride’s lives!  Without your constant guidance, many of us would have sunk a long time ago!  We appreciate EVERYTHING you do for our industry and I’ll once again fight the internet to reserve a spot for any future (coughPOSINGcough) courses! 🙂


  1. Alex says:

    Great review, Loren! This course has rocked my world! And I would love a posing course, too!!

  2. Awww thanks for the review and recap on the course Loren!!! Loved reading through this 🙂 I’m so glad you’ve loved the course so much!! yay!!

    • loren says:

      Absolutely! Thank YOU! I can only imagine how hard everyone worked to put this together, and we, the students, are so thankful for all you do!

  3. Claire says:

    Thanks for the detailed explanation of what the course covers. I’m totally sold. But I need to know about how much $ I need to save up for it. I want to make sure I have that moolah earmarked. Can you give me a roundabout number? I emailed KJ’s page, but totally understand that they probably get a million of those a day and I’m so anxious! (Holding off on buying a Macro until I know how much this education is going to cost.)

    • loren says:

      Hi Claire!

      I’m so happy to hear that you found this post helpful. I don’t remember what I paid for it, but sometimes KJ will do a special for the first 12 or 24 hours. When she announces she’s going to do a webinar that’s when you need to sign up for it because it’s always after a webinar is when she releases a course or a new item in her store! Best of luck on your journey!

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