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Wedding Day Bridal Bag, or some people call them Emergency Kits, is essential to a Wedding Day.  Someone is going to need SOMETHING out of that bag, and these over looked items are going to be exactly what you’re scrambling to look for when you’re in need.  Here’s my top picks that all Brides should pack in their wedding day bridal bag.

Wedding Day Bridal Bag

  • Phone charger
    Lord knows someone’s phone is going to die, and by the end of the evening, you may need a quick charge.  I have a portable charger and it’s amazing when you can’t plug your phone into a wall.  Here’s the portable I own.
  • Contact solution/Eyedrops
    For the moments when you want to take your contacts out if they’re being annoying or need some extra moisture for those beautiful eyes of yours
  • Safety pins
    Safety pins are quick and easy fixes to minor mishaps
  • Oil absorbing wipes
    You’re going to be having a blast out of the dance floor and these bad boys will come in handy to wipe just the moisture off your face while leaving your beautiful makeup in tact!
  • Tide-to-Go Pen
    Tide-to-Go Pens are perfect for small stains, especially if it’s still in the morning and pictures aren’t even close to be finished
  • Chalk
    Chalk is perfect if the Bride’s dress someone gets a stain, because it will help cover up that stain enough and make it less noticable
  • Tissues
    These are pretty self explanatory, right?  Someone needs to be on tissue patrol.  There will be a mom or grandma who asks for them throughout the day, and even the Bride will need one at some point during the day.
  • Band-aids (both stick and peel and liquid)
    If you didn’t break in your wedding shoes, you’ll want those peel and stick for your feet.  You’ll want the liquid band-aids if you have a cut somewhere visible that the camera can see
  • Tampons
    THESE are self explainatory
  • Deodorant
    This too 🙂
  • Toothbrush/paste
    You may want to freshen up before makeup goes on
  • Snack
    Granola bars are GREAT snacks that are easy to eat after you’re dressed.  They’re not messy, so you don’t have to worry about spilling anything on your dress or getting stains before you even walk down the aisle
  • Q-tips
    These are PERFECT to easy makeup mishaps, or that occasional ear itch.  I can’t be the only one to get those, right?
  • Lotion
    Sticky legs is the last thing you want when you’re wearing a heavy dress
  • Perfume
    I bought a special perfume that was in a pretty bottle that photographed well.  Now I wear that special perfume for special dates and the aroma brings back all the feel good memories from our wedding day
  • Makeup (CHAPSTICK)
    Extra mascara, powder, lipstick or chapstick is a must for that bag.
  • Printed out Timeline
    Give the printed out timeline to the Maid of Honor so if someone has a question about where they need to be somewhere and what time they need to be there, they can ask your wingman, and she’ll take care of any issues.
  • Printed out Family Formal Shots WITH a Pen (for Maid of Honor to keep track to make sure your most important family photos are taken the day of your wedding)
    This is something that I forgot to pack in my bag and we missed ONE shot.  I do not have a shot with my side of the family and Josh in the photo.  If I would had printed out that family list, we wouldn’t had missed that shot!
  • Mini Sewing Kit
    You never know when a button on a Groomsmen’s jacket could pop off.  That mini sewing kit will come in handy for instances like that
  • Tweezers/Nail clippers/Nail file
    A wild hair, broken nail, rough edge, you’ll need any of these three items to fix minor issues
  • Medicine
    Tylenol, Alive, Excedrin – whatever your go to headache cure is!  Tums for the nerves
  • Lint roller
    If you have dogs, hair follows you EVERYWHERE!  You can thank me later for that lint roller
  • Extra earring backs
    You truly lose those suckers in the most awful times
  • Gum
    To chew BEFORE photos, NOT DURING! – Your photographer will thank you later

I hope you find this list helpful when packing your Wedding Day Bridal Bag!  If you can think of any others that I may have left out that proved to be life savers for you, leave them in the comments for other Brides to see!


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