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Hashtags. I’ll be the first to admit, I thought they were ridiculous. Even thought they were annoying. And then, this realization of how they can keep my photos on social media ORGANIZED hit me. Type A, OCD Loren realized then how AWESOME they reall are! I now have a hashtag for (almost) everything in my life. My marriage, our furbabies, home, vacations, of course, photography! It’s a fun way to cateforize my topics and refer back to those memories with a simple tap of the hashtag.

As a former Bride with a hashtag for my wedding, #JOLOJACKWEDDING, my guests at the wedding could take a look at all my Do-it-yourself projects that helped make my day so beautiful. Plus, it was fun for me seeing our guests add their own memories to the hashtag! Clients, and their families and friends can see photos current and past that i’ve tagged. For my Brides, it’s a fun way to connect with the other couples. So when you post a photo to social media, don’t forget the LJP Hashtags. Don’t have a personal hashtag yet for your weding? Let’s brainstorm a fun one for you!

Here are some things to think about when creating

Hashtags for Weddings

  1. You want the hashtag to be unique to you
    If you’ll have a common last name, like I do now – Jackson, I had to think of something that was unique to Josh and I.  In high school, my nickname was “Lo”.  When Josh and I bought our home, I started hashtagging the house #jolojackhome.  I kept this trend with the wedding (#jolojackwedding), and now our marriage (jolojackmarried).
    If you’re truly stomped with thinking of a unique hashtag for your wedding, there’s actually generators out there now for you to use.  Here are some that I found doing a google search:

  2. You want to make sure you’re the only one using that hashtag
    Easiest way to check this is to get on Instagram and search for the hashtag.  Don’t be THAT bride that hijacks someone’s special day by flooding her hashtag with your photos.  Yes, I know no one owns hashtags, but still, don’t be that Bride.  Here’s how you check to see if a hashtag is unused.

    • Open Instagram
    • Click the magnifying class to search
    • Click “Tags” at the tap
    • Type in your idea for a hashtag
    • If there’s a number under the hashtag, then it’s been used
      hashtags for weddings, photographer akron ohio, wedding advice for brides
  3. Having Hashtags for Weddings doesn’t mean ceremonies have to be unplugged
    I did both.  I REFUSED to let a guest get in the way of my dream photographer, but still asked guests to hashtag any photos they took.  Here’s the Unplugged Sign I had set up at the wedding
    hashtags for weddings, photographer akron ohio, wedding advice for bridesAny photos guests took at dinner, or during the late evening hours when everyone was out dancing they hash tagged, and it was fun for me to see those photos.  But again, I wanted our guests to enjoy our ceremony instead of being behind a camera worried about capturing a cellphone shot that was going to be poor quality.
  4. SHARE the hashtag with our guests
    There’s several ways to sharing hashtags for weddings.  If you’re like me, you’ll be using that hashtag during your planning.  I was a DIY Bride, so anytime I was working on crafts, I snapped a shot and used our hashtag.  Here’s a sign I created for the wedding to tell our guests:
    hashtags for weddings, photographer akron ohio, wedding advice for brides
    If you head over to Pinterest, type in hashtags for weddings, THOUSANDS of pins will pop up hopefully giving you some inspiration for a sign for your day!
    hashtags for weddings, photographer akron ohio, wedding advice for brides
  5. Share the Hashtag with your Photographer!
    This is an important one!  When your photographer posts engagement photos or wedding photos to social media, they can include your wedding hashtag to their posts allowing friends and family to see your professional photos!

I hope you found this blog post helpful!  Having hashtags for weddings is such a fun way to share the wedding experience with your family and friends, and even more special for those who are not able to attend the wedding.



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