What Brides Need to do the Week of the Wedding

March 14, 2016

What Brides Need to do the Week of the Wedding

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If there’s any one point in my planning process as a Bride that I felt the most overwhelmed and the most stressed, it was the week of the wedding.  I was a pretty chilled out Bride, too.  I was able to book every single vendor I wanted, had family drama that I handled like champ, and knocked out most of my DIY projects that I had planned for the big day.  What helped with keeping me focused the week of the wedding was making a list of things that still needed done and communicating with friends and family that I knew could make it all happen for me.  So today, I’m sharing with you a list of what brides need to do the week of the wedding so when the big day comes, you feel OVER prepared!

Loren’s List of What Brides Need to do the Week of the Wedding

  1. On Monday, make a List of last minute tasks that need to be completed.  Assign a day that those tasks are going to get done.  Ask for help if the list is daunting.
    This could be any SMALL DIY projects that you haven’t found the time to complete yet.  Or errands to get napkins or small decorations.  Nothing major should be taking place the week of the wedding.  Don’t hesitate to delegate tasks, either.
  2. Pack your Wedding Day Bridal Bag
  3. Pack your bag for the night of the wedding.  Many couples don’t go home the night of the wedding, they stay somewhere for the evening.
  4. If your Dress bag is a cloth bag that zips, put the following in the bottom
    • Shoes (Both Ceremony and Reception)
      • Put your jewelry in your shoe box
    • Veil – don’t put this in the bottom, but get a clip and attach it to the hanger
    • Fancy hanger so the dress has something nice to hang on for photos
  5. Wear your heals around the house to break them in
  6. The day before the rehearsal dinner, go with your bridesmaids to get your nails done and a pedicure
  7. This is an important one so i’m capitalizing it – PUT YOUR MARRIAGE LICENSE SOMEWHERE YOU KNOW WHERE IT IS.  Many couples forget to take their marriage license with them the morning of the wedding and then it’s not legally official because the Officiant has nothing to sign
  8. Print off your timeline.  Put it in the same place with your marriage license
  9. Print off your family portrait list.  Put it in the same place as your timeline and marriage license
  10. Finalize your Unplugged Ceremony sign and your hashtag sign if you have both.  Have them printed off, and purchase a frame to hold them.  8×10 is a good size
  11. Double check with those who didn’t RSVP – there will ALWAYS be at least one person who doesn’t send back that RSVP.  If you have a seating chart, that unannounced RSVP could throw a wrench into things
  12. Write your vows or the letter to your soon-to-be-husband.  Don’t do what Josh and I did and literally write 15 minutes before you’re suppose to walk out the door.  This is something that you want time to write and not feel rushed doing so.
  13. Send emails with each of your vendors just to make sure you have the correct time that they will arrive
    • TIP: Make sure your florist drops your flowers off at your getting ready  location BEFORE your photographer shows up!
  14. Pack for your HONEYMOON!  So this means you’ll probably have to do some laundry as well…sorry to remind you
  15. Finalize your rehearsal dinner with your in-laws.  Make sure that everyone knows the location for dinner and where you’ll do your dry-run of the Ceremony if it will not be at the Ceremony location
  16. Decide what you’re wearing for your getting ready photos.  I wore one of Josh’s button-ups.  It’s my favorite one of his and made for a special touch in the photos

So there you have it – a list of what brides need to do the week of the wedding.  Just remember one thing, if something doesn’t go right the day of the wedding, the only person who is going to know is going to be YOU!  As long as there is food, your guests will be clueless!  So breathe, enjoy your wedding day.  It goes by so fast and the end of the night will come leaving you wondering where the day went.  The only thing that matters is that at the end of your beautiful day, you are married to your best friend!

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