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Let’s change gears here just for a day and talk about what grooms should do week of wedding.  I blog so much about weddings for the ladies, but i’m leaving the other half of the duo out!  Our handsome Grooms!  Many Grooms aren’t included in the wedding planning because a lot of times they ask not to be.  Maybe because they just feel out of place in the party planning and could careless what accent color there will be.

But today’s topic, this is a big one for the guys – what grooms should do week of the wedding.  A couple weeks ago, I blogged about what the Bride should do the week of the wedding and thought that it would be so helpful for both the Bride and Groom if this topic popped up!

So ladies, show this to your handsome soon-to-be hubby!  Have him read this so you’re mind is at ease a little bit more for the week of the wedding.

What Grooms Should Do Week of Wedding

  • Go get a haircut!  Joshua cut his hair Sunday evening – five days before our wedding.  It had grown just enough that it didn’t look like a fresh cut, but still short enough that it was the perfect length for him
  • Go pick up your tux…AND TRY IT ON!!  I’ve been to too many weddings that the Groom or one of the groomsmen walked out of the store without trying on the tux and something didn’t fit right.  That’s a hassle you DON’T want to do deal with the morning you’re to get married
  • Write your Vows – don’t wait five minutes before walking out the door.  You’ll be sad you did later on.  Take the time to write a beautiful tribute for your soon-to-be wife.  The reward will be so great!
  • If you both decided to exchange gifts, go purchase that gift this week.  Chances are, you haven’t up until this point, and the later in the week you wait, the fewer chances you’ll have to get away.
  • Confirm times with all your groomsmen.  When you’re meeting to pick up tuxes, when everyone is suppose to arrive for the rehearsal, and then again the morning of the wedding.  Remind your groomsmen to arrive to the wedding sober.  While it’s a day of celebration, the last thing you want is a MAD wife because your groomsmen are a little too rowdy.  Leave that for the reception.
  • Check with your parents to make sure that everything is good to go for the rehearsal dinner
  • This is an important one gentleman – keep your Bride STRESS-FREE!  There will be SOMETHING that stresses her out that week.  Listen to her concerns, whatever you do – DO NOT tell her she’s overreacting, give her a big kiss and a hug, and ask her how you can help.  While she’s talking, pour her favorite beverage and rub her shoulders.  Trust me, in the end, this is going to benefit the both of you!

While’s there’s plenty of other tasks that should probably happen, this is a great list of what grooms should do week of wedding.  If you think of other tasks, feel free to include them in the comments below!


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