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April 13, 2016

What is a Controlled Reception Exit?

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Last week, I blogged about how all day coverage is an over kill, and an extra expense that Brides really don’t need to spend the money on.  I got a couple questions about how I would address a reception exit if Brides had one planned!  This is such an answer with simple solutions!  It’s called a:

Controlled Reception Exit

Benefits of a controlled reception exit include (but certainly are not limited to):

  • The party never has to stop inside
  • Your Bridal Party and close family members are included in the memory
  • It’s CONTROLLED, so less chance of an disasters
  • You save money not paying for extra coverage

Let’s break down each benefit one by one of the controlled reception exit

The party never has to stop inside because while you’re guests are all having a great time on the dance floor, you’re sneaking out side with your bridal party and parents for a just a few minutes.  A lot of the time, when people leave the dance floor and have a chance to sit down, the day catches up to them and they’re done for.  This makes its harder to get then back up and finding their groove.

Since everyone is inside still dancing away, we’ll grab your bridal party and closest family members for the controlled reception exit photos.  This makes your bridal party feel even more special that they’re involved in a this special moment.  Because we’re using a small number of people, we have more control on where people stand without having to spend 10 minutes getting everyone lined up correctly.

Like stated above, since it’s CONTROLLED, it’s easier to manage.  If we’re working with sparklers, you don’t have to worry about someone getting too close to your hair or dress and a disaster ensuing!  Groups are more likely to listen to directions more closely if they’re in smaller groups.

I know first hand that weddings are expensive, so a controlled exit keeps you from having to spend extra money for additional coverage.  You could have an additional $500-$1500 wrapped up in more hours for your photographer depending on their additional hour price.

Controlled exits are way more common then you may realize.  It nearly impossible for anyone who wasn’t there to recognize a controlled reception exit to one that wasn’t controlled.

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