Yearly Goals and Dream Boards

Canton Ohio’s Tuesdays Together January Recap

The second Tuesday of every month, thousands of business creatives come together in the spirit of community over competition.  The Rising Tide Society was founded on the belief that together creatives can make the greatest impact when they stand together, instead of standing alone.

This past month, our Canton group gathered in my home for our monthly meeting.  With the start of the new year, we talked about setting goals and making 2017 the best year yet!  The ladies talked about their hopes, dreams, and even their worries.

I loved hearing about each person’s biggest goals for 2017.  Getting organized was a reoccurring goal for our group that Tuesday evening.  As was raising pricing, booking more work, and growing businesses.

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Yearly Goals Worksheet

I’m a big proponent of writing out goals and putting those hopes on to paper.  For me, it seems once those hopes and dreams are spoken words; I am more likely to make them happen.  My success rate of accomplishing those goals are nearly 90% when I write them down!

This success rate of written goals is why for our meeting, I created a worksheet for those attended.  It had a space to write out goals, to complete one SMART goal, and to start brainstorming a word for the year.

yearly goals planning, tuesdays together, rising tide society, free education for business creatives, loren jackson photography

Dream Board

Our group loves to chat when we come together.  It’s hard not to share one’s goals when there are 15 other creatives seated beside you!  If our meeting had been longer, the final step to our evening would have been creating a dream board.  When I attended a workshop in December, this was an activity that we did!

So what’s a dream board?  I’m so glad you asked!  After writing down both business and personal yearly goals, I categorized the goals into five groups.

For Business I had:

  • Client Experience
  • Education
  • Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Services/Income Streams.

For Personal I had:

  • Marriage
  • Home
  • Financial
  • Wellness
  • Career

I’m not much of a colored pen kinda girl, but for my dream board, I got a little fancy!  I took two separate sheets of computer paper, titled on paper “Business,” the other “Personal.”  Each category is it’s own color then.

I have these dream boards hanging in my office, in a place where I can see them daily.  This allows me to reflect on my progress and stay motivated throughout the year!

Free Download

I have some great news for you today!  If you were unable to attend our meeting this month, you can grab your worksheet by clicking here!

As stated above, the worksheet gives you a space to write down your yearly goals, work out a SMART goal, and brainstorm your word for the year.

Will you make me a promise, though?  Will you make your dream board after completing your list of goals?  Yes??  Good!  Now, make me another promise, please!  Send me photos!  I’d love to see what your dream boards look like!

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