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April 23, 2019

How to Find Your Perfect Wedding Gown

Finding the perfect wedding gown isn’t an exact science. After all, everyone has their own opinions about what looks best on their figure. You’re bound to try a bunch of different dresses, but most bridal shops will limit you to a one-hour appointment. Therefore, knowing what to look for ahead of time will make for a much smoother wedding dress shopping experience. Stick to these tips to help make sure you get the most out of each appointment and end up with the perfect dress.

Start Early

Finding the perfect dress can be a stressful experience in and of itself. To add to that, many dresses can take from 4-8 months to produce. Once it’s received, you’ll likely need a few extra weeks (or even months) to allow time for alterations. Don’t rush into a decision simply because you’re pressed for time. Make the right decision by starting your wedding dress shopping 9 months before your wedding.

Go on a Weekday

Shopping on the weekend might be the most convenient time for you and your crew, but it’s also the most convenient for everyone else. When bridal shops are busy, you’ll receive much less attention from the staff. You may also have to wait your turn to try on a dress you had your eye on. Avoid the crowds and book an appointment on a weekday, even if it means skipping out from work for a few hours. The availability of gowns and staff will make your shopping experience much more pleasant.

Go with (the Best of) Your Best Friends

It might be a no-brainer to make mom, grandma, and your best friends your shopping companions, but avoid going with anyone known for being Ms. Negative. There is, of course, a difference between helpful feedback and an offensive comment. When you want to feel your best and comfortable with your decision, go with your most supportive crew!

Shop Where You Can Afford

It’s important to understand how you will be financing your dress before stepping foot in a bridal shop (here’s a list of Bridal Boutiques in Northeast Ohio!). Knowing your budget ahead of time will save you from trying on (and potentially falling in love with) a dress out of your price range. Once you know your budget, shop exclusively at shops you can afford. Having a long engagement? Grow your savings automatically with a mobile banking app. A larger budget will only give you more options.

Know Your Body Type

The perfect dress will likely be based on a few factors, including your preferred style, the theme of your wedding, and which type of silhouette compliments your body most. There are many articles online that suggest which type of dress looks best for your body type, but don’t be afraid to try anything and everything on. After all, everyone’s body is unique, and may even fit multiple body types. You never know what will end up looking the best!

Call Ahead of Time

Do you have a few ideas as to what designer, styles, and prices work best for you? Call a few bridal shops in your area to learn what they have available. This way, you won’t be wasting your time at a shop that doesn’t carry what you like. It’ll also be worth your effort to find out if they carry your favorite dress in your size—most shops will be open to ordering it in if they don’t.

Look Your Best at Your Appointment

It’ll be much easier to envision yourself standing at the altar on your wedding day if you already look your best. So, do your hair, put on your makeup, and wear heels—whatever makes you feel like you’re the bride your soon-to-be-spouse is lucky to have!

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