Why Pinterest is Bad for Your Wedding…Photos

Oh man, is your blood boiling already just reading that title?  Are you shaking your head and saying “Loren, you’re CRAZY!  Pinterest is the best thing around?!”  Well, bare with me here.

Many of my wedding ideas came from Pinterest. I had a board before I was even engaged with wedding ideas.  Yes, I was THAT crazy girl.  And no it wasn’t a secret board!  (I had Pinterest before secret boards)  Ask me if I really care though!

Pinterest helped me get an idea of how to design my invitations.  How I was going to do my centerpieces.  And helped me with my wordage for my Unplugged Sign.

But something that I DID not use Pinterest for was my photography.  Why?  Because I hired the BEST lady in the entire world to photograph my day!  (See my wedding day blog here).

I trusted Kaitlin WAY too much to send her a board of Pinterest ideas.  Now let me be honest for a second, when it was discovered that engagement photos in Washington D.C. during CHERRY BLOSSOMS was happening, I got excited and PINNED the hell outta cherry blossom photos.  But again, I NEVER sent that link to Kaitlin.  Why?  Because I trusted her vision.

I feel in love with Kaitlin’s work YEARS before Joshua proposed to me and I knew she had what it took to create the most beautiful photos and that I wouldn’t have an ounce of disappointment.

Why Pinterest is Bad for Your Wedding (Photos)

  • Pinterest creates unrealistic expectations for your day.  You’re going to want this gorgeous photo that may just not be possible on your wedding day because EVERYTHING is going to be different.  YOU are different then the Bride in the photo, 99.999% of the time, the location is different.  Everything about the two scenarios is different.  That hotel room with the Bride on the edge of the bed, smelling her flowers?  Yea, your photo isn’t going to look like that because the room is going to be a wreck from the night before and you aren’t going to be in the silky robe she’s wearing.  This leads me to the next reason why Pinterest is bad for your wedding
  • Live in the moment.  Let those candid moments and storytelling happen.  Your photographer is there to catch those small moments that help write your wedding day love story.  Your day is going to be 100% different then the Brides you see on Pinterest.  So don’t live in their moments, but live in YOURS.
  • I don’t know about other photographers, but when I start shooting, I find my groove, and when I’m in my groove, I’m on FIRE.  Nothing puts out my fire faster than having a phone handed to me telling me this is everything the Bride wants.  And honestly, it’s unknown that it is detrimental for the creativity of the photographer.  Bridesmaids and moms think they’re being harmless by asking, but in the middle of shooting is NOT the time to ask your photographer to recreate someone else’s memories.  If you have a Pinterest board, send it WEEKS (I’d even say MONTHS) in advance to your photographer so it doesn’t cramp their style.
  • The fourth reason why Pinterest is bad for your wedding goes hand and in hand with number three and the main reason why I never showed my overly obnoxious wedding board to Kaitlin.  I hired Kaitlin because I LOVED her work.  Because I trusted her with creating the most precious memories for me, Josh, our families, and the legacy of a family we will have some day.  As long as you hired a seasoned pro to shoot your wedding, you should never have to feel like they can’t pose you in a way that you will love.
Pinterest is helpful when planning your wedding, but has the potential to ruin your wedding photography.  Here are four reasons why Pinterest is bad for your wedding photos!

Pinterest can be extremely helpful when planning your wedding, but when it comes to your wedding photography, keep those four tips above in mind.  Your photographer will thank you for it later! 😉

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Pinterest is helpful when planning your wedding, but has the potential to ruin your wedding photography.  Here are four reason why Pinterest is bad for your wedding photos!


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